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Good day, everyone.

I have a iMac, Model Number: M5521, EMC NO: 1857, it came with CD software install version: SSW version 9.1. I had been update it until version Mac OS Z1-9.2.1, and Mac OS X 10.0.4.

My iMac never give me problem or if I just press reset button if got any problem and after restart if work fine as well.

Recently, the battery in my iMac (battery model: 1/2 AA) out of energy, so the date keep change back to year 19xx, so I take out the old battery, and want to replace a new one after few days, the problem came out, after I took out the battery on the second day, I start my iMac and do my work, and few minutes, it pop up this :
*"There is a problem with disk "Macintosh". Some information may have been lost.*
*Check any recently-used files for data loss, and use a disk-repair program on the disk."*

So I use the "*Disk First Aid*" to verify/repair my harddisk, but it gave me this:
"*Unable to read from disk."*

Alright, I boot it with the CD "*Software Restore*" and use the same application "*Disk First Aid*" to verify/repair my harddisk, but it still gave me this: "*Unable to read from disk.*"

Okie, I try another CD "*Apple Hardware Test*", after I run twice, the result of my hardware are show it is fine.
I put a new battery to replace the old one, the still same error message pop up on my screen.

So, how do I do now?
1. Restore back my system. (Do I restore back my system and upgrade it until current operation system, it will replace a new data to recover the error one? And will my work data still keep on my iMac?)
2. Format my iMac and restore back system and upgrade until current operation system (This will kill me, I have forgot how to install a Mac OS system, and some install CD and gone)
3. Do I have any chance, I just only replace any extensions file from System Folder, and my iMac come back and work fine as normal?

The error message come out because:
1. When I took out battery and maybe I damage other hardware at the same time?
2. I took out battery and restart my iMac then make my data lost?

M5521, Mac OS 9.2.x, EMC NO: 1857 (IMacse 600/GR/128/40G/CDRW/RUltra/56K/FW/VGA/APR)
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    It is only a coincidence that you are getting Disk errors at the same time as your battery has failed.

    But you do have serious disk errors.

    You should back up all your files if you have not already, and when are certain you have at least one good backup, (two copies is better) you should re-initialize your Hard Drive with the "Zero All Data" option in Disk Utility.

    Zero all data takes many hours to complete, but if it completes without errors, your disk is like new, with alternate blocks substituted for any found bad during the test. If it fails, try it again at least once. If it still fails, you may need a new Hard Drive.