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Phone still lags and works extremely slow. And now yahoo mail is giving me issues, push not working and emails disappearing when I send, just like with an earlier update. The lag and yahoo not working right again makes it very hard to use this phone. What to do if 2.01 didn't help anything?

Dell Inspiron 17" wide screen, Windows XP Pro, iPhone 4gb
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    Have you tried rebooting the phone. The 2.0.1 update as far as I can tell has fixed many of the lags and crashes found in 2.0

    A reset/reboot is:

    Go to Home Screen
    Press and Hold Home Button
    Keep holding and press and hold Lock Button
    Keep holding Both
    You will see Slide to Turn Off (Don't let go to slide, just keep holding)
    The phone will turn off (in time, but screen will look like it has some white lines)
    Keep Holding
    When you see the Apple Logo, you can let go.

    Turning off via the Slide to Turn off while good and fine to turn off, is more like the Sleep Mode on a computer. Thus any locked up issues in memory remain when you turn back on. A reboot as described is like doing a real Turn off and Turn On on a computer.

    You may also wish to read this tread about reboots and odd application behavior.
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    Ya I've rebooted many times. In fact I reboot everyday or every other day as the reboot seems to help for a while then the lag comes back. I've tried everything short of a restore. I work in computer support and this acts like the a computer that doesn't have enough memory or memory management is not working correctly. On a computer if you run out of memory the OS starts using the hard drive instead and the hard drive is considerably slower and swapping between memory and hard drive will cause a lag.
    I know the iphone doesn't have a hard drive and is using flash memory, so i wonder if having the phone memory full is a problem. I only have 30mb free space left. I'm wondering if that's not enough to load apps and execute commands so the os then tries to free up some memory by closing apps running in memory thus causing a lag for the app your trying to open or use, as it has to wait for the os to unload the apps not being used and make enough free available space.
    In a computer the os can swap to the hard drive, but the iphone has no where to go, it must unload apps to free memory. I have no idea if this is how it works or not on the iphone, but leaving apps running in memory and the os having to close them would most likely cause a lag. If thats how it works, I'd say its bad programming. You should be able to unload apps from memory without rebooting (maybe something like a double tap on home unloads and single tap on home keeps it active).
    If a restore might help, I'm willing to try that...