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Any suggestion on how to truly change the default page orientation from landscape back to portrait, for printing (e.g., in Mail, Safari, TurboTax, etc.)?

I unintentionally changed some setting (not sure how) a while back, that caused my default page orientation (e.g., in the expanded Print dialog box) to shift to landscape (instead of portrait, the default orientation prior to my unintended setting change).

I've tried to fix by (re)creating Presets (in the Print dialog box) -- changing the orientation to portrait, and "saving" the preset(s). But when I open the Presets later, the supposedly saved portrait orientation has not been saved. The orientation still is landscape.

I don't have this problem when printing a PDF file or a Word file. FYI - I use an HP Officejet 6210 AIO; and as I recall, I'm using the same HP device driver(s) software now that I was using prior to the page orientation shift.

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.4)