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Ginsoakedboy Level 1 Level 1
Desperate Help required!

Took my Ipod out of my bag yesterday and tried to switch it on... all I get is the "Connect to power" message indicating it is very nearly dead. I have left it charging from a wall outlet all night and I am still getting the same message. I am away from home and do not have my PC with itunes installed with me, but plugging it into a USB port at work does not seem to do anything either. Have tried resetting but the "connect to power" just flashes on and off every 5 secs or so.

Is there anything else I can try???

Many thanks.

PC, Windows Vista
  • the fiend Level 6 Level 6
    Have you used the correct procedure for resetting the iPod?

    Turn the Hold switch on, then off again and press-and-hold the Menu and Select (centre) buttons together for ten seconds. This should cause the Apple logo to appear and then your iPod should re-start. Apple state that you may need to try this "a couple of times" before it works.

    If that doesn't work, try waiting for the battery to run down. If the "connect to power" message is displayed, it would suggest that the iPod is almost out of power. Okay then, let it run out! Once the battery runs out, the iPod will turn off. If it was "stuck" doing something, it can't now! In fact, it should be "unstuck" because there is no power to keep it "stuck".

    Only now, can you plug it back into the power. You may have to wait for up to 30 minutes before the iPod shows any sign of life. When it does, allow it to fully re-charge.

    Is the iPod working yet?
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    I have the same problem and the reset method does absolutely nothing. I had mine on the wall charger all day, I took it off and the battery was completely gone, but the main menu still displayed. A few minutes later I got the "Connect To Power" error. I've plugged it into the computer and it does not show up on the computer. I've tried several different USB cords, all do the same.

    However, when I plug it back into the wall charger, the Apple logo appears and then I was brought to the main menu and it said that the battery was charging. I disconnected it from the wall charger again and I recieved the "Connect To Power" error.

    Please help.
  • Ginsoakedboy Level 1 Level 1
    Still not working... I will drain the power totally and let you know what happens.
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    I have this same problem also, resetting does nothing. Help please.
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    Ok my problem is solved though I am still confused.. but I'll post this for reference.

    - I was working away from home when my Ipod spazzed out. Had a 3rd party mains charger + cable with me which has worked perfectly until now.

    - Ipod went funny whilst in my bag and not plugged into anything so def a problem with the Ipod itself, not the charger / cable.

    - 3rd party charger (mains) and cable on its own into a work pc did nothing to fix the problem.

    - as soon as I got home and plugged the Ipod into my PC with itunes installed (using official Apple cable) Ipod immediately started charging and returned to normal.

    Strange and stranger... love my Classic for everyday use but it sure as **** doesn't seem especially stable.
  • Any old name Level 1 Level 1
    Hi guys, similar problem, came home and found that my Ipod Classic most have been run down, 'connect to power' was the message. I plugged it in to my usb 2.0 port but it didn't show up on the screen of the computer, then i tried to re-boost it but it didn't seem to have the power to do that. Now when i try to charge it it says 'charging please wait' on the screen for bout 5 min, then apple logo comes up... then it starts making noises, as if it wants to start/boost up but doesn't have the power. It sounds really stuck. Anybody a solution? A fine working pod, and well looked after!!!! Thanx
  • nopantsjack Level 1 Level 1
    bumping this because I need a solution, going away on holiday in a few days and the flight is going to be mighty long without an iPod.
  • outdoor Level 1 Level 1
    My classic just started doing this. Tried everything here and so far no luck. Anything else I should try?