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my itunes and it's truly getting annoying, has there been a fix for it yet if does anyone know? i get the first pop-up box saying that i-tunes is not my default player and do i want ot make it so, i click yes, and then i get an error message saying i dont have enough authority to do so:(
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    I'm getting this error also although I get it at a different time.

    I'm able to open iTunes with no problem and use the program with no problem. But if I make any change in the preferences box (or even if I just open it and then try to close it) I get the same error message telling me "iTunes tried to update the default player for audio files but you don't have authorization to do so" (I'm paraphrasing).

    Would like to have a fix for this also... I want to introduce a friend to iTunes tomorrow and show him how it works, but I'd rather not deal with this error!


  • MacMuse Level 7 Level 7 (20,795 points)
    That's usually caused by either

    * your Windows user account does not have administrator level access

    * or you do not have full read/write privileges to your "My Documents" area or the iTunes folder located in My Documents.
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    MacMuse -- Thanks very much for your reply.

    I'm the only user on my computer so I am the administrator (I double checked this).

    I checked "Properties" for the iTunes folder in My Documents, and also the iTunes folder on my external drive (where I keep all my music). I unchecked the box marked "Read Only" in both cases.

    Still getting that error. (Here's the actual error message: An error occurred while updating the default player for audio file types. You do not have enough access privileges for this operation.)

    When I was using iTunes 4.xx, up until a few days ago, I never encountered this error message, which makes me think this is a problem in iTunes.

    However, I just noticed in checking into this that Microsoft has updated the "Add and Remove Programs" Control Panel with a number of other settings I'm unfamiliar with, including a new (and rather confusing) way of setting the default programs for various file types. So perhaps this is a conflict between the new version of iTunes and the new version of that control panel.

    Thanks again for your suggestion.

    Paul D
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    A little follow-up.

    First off, I now believe I was wrong in saying that Microsoft had updated the "add/remove programs control panel". My mistake. I simply was viewing that control panel in a way I had not viewed it before.

    What is particularly strange is that I get that error message from iTunes even if I DO NOT have the "Use iTunes as the default player for audio files" checked (in the "Preferences" box under "Advanced". In other words, I am NOT trying to change the default player for audio files, but iTunes STILL gives me an error message telling me I don't have the authority to make a change.

    By the way, this ONLY happens the first time I close the Prefs box (after opening iTunes). If I open the box again and close it -- no error message.

    The symptoms here add up to what clearly seems to be an iTunes problem. I'm surprised more people are not reporting this problem here. Maybe it has something to do with my particular operating system set-up or a setting I have somewhere. Anyway, it's a bit annoying. Hope Apple fixes it soon.


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    ok-- here is another complaint

    I am admin

    and get the error as well ver 6.01
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    I also get this message everytime I open. I am Admin. I don't have read only box checked in my doc.file and I am sharing itunes file. Is there a solution?