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I have lot's of songs and podcasts and videos, but everytime I try to put them on my iPod it doesn't work. Or sometimes they are there for a bit and then they disappear. The result is that there are all kinds of double and triple copies on my iPod half of which do not work, sometimes all of which do not work. And when I want to get new stuff on my iPod it takes like eight tries! Do you really expect me to import everything one by one? Why can't I import a couple hundered at once? I have been trying to drag the songs in.

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    mrl777888 wrote:
    I have been trying to drag the songs in.

    Have you tried using Sync? This method will automatically transfer music, videos and Podcasts onto your iPod providing you have the correct options selected and is much easier than manually dragging things on and off. In fact, if you have the Sync options set a certain way, it may be taking items off that you are trying to put on manually! See below because it might solve every one of your issues. It may look involved, but take the time to choose from my suggestions and I believe it will pay dividends, even if only some of the following applies to you.

    First, Podcasts. On the iTunes menu, click on Edit/Preferences/Podcasts and select *Keep - all episodes* . If you have the Keep option set to anything else, Podcasts will disappear from your iPod and even from iTunes. (Notice the other options available to you on this tab.)

    Then connect your iPod to your computer. When the Summary Screen is displayed, make sure the following boxes are ticked on:
    *Open iTunes when this iPod is connected* (saves manually opening iTunes)
    *Sync only checked songs and videos* (as opposed to Manually Manage)

    Then, select each of the following tabs:
    Music tab: and select *Sync Music - all songs and playlists*
    Movies tab: and select *Sync - all movies*

    and then
    Podcast tab: this menu is different to the other two - check carefully! First, select the Sync tick-box; then select your choice from the drop-down menu (I choose all ); then select the *all Podcasts* radio button.

    These preferences will transfer to your iPod all new music and videos you put into iTunes at each Sync , without you having to think about it. If you Subscribe to a Podcast and choose to *automatically download new episodes when available* , they will stay on the iPod too.

    If you want to remove something from the iPod but leave it in iTunes (for later re-use for instance), then simply take the tick out of the box against the individual episode or song in iTunes and re-Sync. When you weant to completely delete a Podcast, select the episode and select Edit/delete .

    You should not be "importing everything one by one", nor should "getting new stuff onto the iPod take eight tries"! At least, not now! (Don't know about the double and triple copies, but if you try it my way, perhaps they will stop occurring.)