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I badly want a good device like a Palm that I can use as a PDA. I have not heard a lot of good things about the iTouch. Also I want to be able to simply add data with keys or stylus. In the past I ended up with synching problems with my Palm for reasons too long to explain.

Anyway bottom line does anybody have any good recommendations? I don't want to pay the hight monthly fee for an iPhone. Would just like a traditional Palm like device that simply worked.

Tower and laptops (PB&iB), Mac OS X (10.5.4), Primarily using Mac Book Pro
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    how about a blackberry? I sync mine to my mac using pocket mac, which is free software.
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    Do you know if I could use the Blackberry without the phone portion and just as a PDA. I think the monthly fee is quite a bit (or maybe more than I want to pay).
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    What about a Palm device and The Missing Sync?
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    I had tried that in the past but had some issues. Do you use that?
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    I have replaced my Palm T/X with an iPod Touch - have had no problems at all. I think the posts you've read regarding a Touch are negative because people tend to complain when having problems. Those like me do not complain since there's nothing to complain about, and I suspect there are many more like me than those having problems.

    I've been able to find apps that replace all the major apps on my Palm and the syncing between Mac and iPod is great. Unlike the Palm where the formats of the Palm calendar and iCal were not 100% compatible, I now have great compatibility with contacts and calendar. And the internet connections are vastly superior on the iPod - the Palm's browser is a dinosaur compared to the iPod Touch's. I have no problem with the on-screen keyboard of the Touch - and it's nice not having to pull out the stylus to do any kind of input.
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    I did use my Treo with TMS, but I've retired it for an iPhone 3G. I also have a Touch, with 2.0.1., and I'm not having problems with it.
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    Are you kidding me? tend to complain? I've restored my iTouch more than 20x in the past 5 days. What is there NOT to complain about? Apple has offered NO help, the iTouch is absolutely USELESS for storing data since it's more likely to get lost. As soon as 1 app locks, it's restore time, and you can be sure that all the settings and data will be lost.

    I have a recommendation for you. There is one device that has given me ZERO problems. It's called a Nokia n810. If you don't need all the features of the n810, like GPS, cam, slide out keyboard, then go for the n800. Either one is a much better bet than the iTouch or iPhone. Currently, of all the gadgets and portable devices I own (I even own a Treo 650 and HP IPAQ, as well as a DS, and PSP, need I go on?), The iTouch is by far the MOST unreliable device I have ever owned. Period.

    Think that's bull? read through this forum, and you'll get the picture.
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    There are two types of experiences you can get on the Touch, really good, or really bad. I held off from upgrading mine to 2.0 and went directly to 2.0.1 (after it had been out a week).

    My Touch is fantastic, hasn't ever crashed, have loads of apps on it etc etc. I'm waiting for something to sync with MS Money, but apart from that its perfect.

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    Greenman01 wrote:
    I had tried that in the past but had some issues. Do you use that?

    I use an older Palm m515 with my, also, older eMac along with Missing Sync for years. Originally with OS 10.3.x and now under 10.4.x and I have never had issues with it.

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    "Think that's bull? read through this forum, and you'll get the picture."

    Yes, and like many others have said, the many users who have absolutely no problems don't post about problems.

    Unfortunately, facing countless satisfied users doesn't help make you feel better. This situation is certainly true with computers in general, where you find many users with issues of some kind, and many others who have no problems. I content that problems are usually a result of 1) hardware problem, or 2) some incompatibility between software, or 3) some operation that was performed that left system files unstable. I'm sure it's the same problem here.
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    Here's a little update.

    I tried a recommendation in this thread, to download the 2.0.1 package directly, and shift-click restore. Well that didn't do anything. After I attempted to install Molecules, my iTouch locked and was stuck on the apple logo screen. All my friends are having the same problems, and have since went back to 1.1.4. This isn't a "countless happy working devices", this is more like countless unhappy working devices. For the countless you may think do not post here, I can guarantee there are many that are having problems, that have simply attempted to contact apple to resolve the problem (to no avail).

    Here are my statistics for use of the iTouch.

    1.) I spend less than 1 hour using the iTouch.
    2.) I spend 4-8 hours each day restoring it.
    3.) This is a consistent theme amongst users on this forum.

    We can play semantics all day here. The bottom line is; people are coming here looking for answers, not pacifists, or complacency. All we're finding here, are the latter.
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    "After I attempted to install Molecules, my iTouch locked and was stuck on the apple logo screen."

    Did you download directly to the iPod or from the computer and then sync? Other threads have mentioned many problems when downloading from the iPod, but not from the PC/Mac.