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So.. I just got a new iphone and started service with AT&T. Before I got it, I've owned a 80G iPod and had iTunes managing that. Maybe I'm just slow or don't understand the logic all these products yet, but I'd like to put some of the music in my iTunes onto my new phone. (Obviously I can't put any where near my full collection considering the iPod is about full).

Long story short, I go to the summary page on itunes and check the 'Manually manage music and video' and get this message that states my iPhone is synced with another iTunes library and asks if I want to erase and sync my phone with this library. I'm assuming I'm getting this message because I downloaded itunes onto my work laptop and activated it on that itunes as opposed to my home one. The last thing I want to do is erase anything on my phone because i'm still trying to figure out how to sync my phone with outlook without bringing over the almost thousand contacts in my work outlook address book.

1. what exactly does erase and sync mean in this sense? is it going to erase the contacts, photos, apps, etc.. that I have on my phone just so I can get some music on it? and does anyone have any good advice for a recently new owner of both the ipod and iphone and how to manage them itunes?

2. off hand, how can i prevent all my outlook contacts coming over to my iphone but make sure i have the iphone contacts backed up securely?

Toshiba, Windows XP