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I had my phone replaced at an Apple store a few months back. Ever since then, I've had more and more problems with it, starting with *substantially less reception* than the original iPhone I had (note: both models are 8GB first generation iPhones - not 3g).

After a while, it begin my iphone would randomly turn itself off. It didn't matter if the battery was fully charged, if I was in airplane mode, had wifi on or off. Sometimes, it takes me a full minute of holding down the button to get it to turn back on. Now, it shuts off randomly 2-3 times a day and I just can't take it anymore.

Is anyone else having this problem?

PC, Windows XP, 1st generation iPhone
  • rimshaker Level 3 (515 points)
    Sounds like another replacement needed. You could've received a refurb that was actually bad.
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    Mine has been doing the same thing since the 2.01 update. I've tried rebooting, rsstoring and not running any 3rd party apps. Seems to happen randomly... sometimes when I;m on a call, sometimes when running an app or checking email. Doesn't seem like a crash because when I get the screen back the app is still running where it left off.

    Having it happen during a phone call is seriously irritating.

    I guess I should take it back for a replacement, I have a screen issue too.
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    Is Apple giving refurbs now? When I had mine replaced a few months back the Apple guy at the store told me they were all new since Apple didn't want to have any problems.

    My phone was turning off at night while on the charger as well, this especially sucked because I use it for my alarm clock as well. I did several cold boots and forced reboots and last night it stayed on. It was also giving me charging problems, it wouldn't charge off of the power cord. It would charge in my car and off my PC but that was it. I am starting to think it starts acting funny if the battery gets too low, because now my wall charger works again. I am positive there is nothing wrong with the charger.
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    I guess it's good to know that I'm not the only one having the problem, but sorry you guys are experiencing it as well. Does anyone know if Apple has officially acknowledged this problem?

    rimshaker, I was going to do that but thought I would have problems explaining it without looking like a guy who was just trying to get a newer phone. Do you think they'll let me take it in as is or should I wait until the problem happens again and go in to show them? (And by that, I mean let it shut itself off and then go in and HOPE that it takes a few tries to turn it on so it doesn't look like I just turned it off.)
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    Just a quick update: My phone has shut off for what looks like the last time. It was working fine this morning (with a full battery), but at some point it shut itself off again. Now, I can't turn it back on.