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I have a music video that came w/ an album, it is an MPEG 4 file and is tagged via iTunes info as a video, but it shows up in my music library, and not in my video section. How do I get it to move out of my music library, and into the 'movies' portion of iTunes?

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    I don't believe it's possible. You can mark it as a video type: "Music Video" in the track info, but iTunes will keep it in "Music". I've just abandoned their default groupings as they seem broken (with videos and digital booklets showing up in music) and just created smart playlists that filter my actual "Music", "Music Videos" and other such categories.

    Unfortunately you can't toggle the useless Library section closed, but on the plus side you have categories that actually work.
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    I'm seeing the same exact issue. It is frustrating as I mostly play music by Artist->Album. I just purchased an album and this particular one has a copy of each video from the album. So, when I play back the "album" each video plays back first as music and then the "real" album. Arghhh! More and more artists are including videos with the purchase and this has become an annoying problem.

    Looks like there is no solution. I also noticed the videos do not show up as videos so I created a smart playlist to solve that problem. If I could just get them to drop out of the "Music" category.
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    Do you have the "Music Video" smart playlist in your library? When you tag a video as "Music Video" it will drop out of the "Movies" section and go into the Music Video smart playlist.

    But as far as the videos showing up in the music section, to the best of my knowledge, they have always done this, so it isn't something new. Yes, kind of strange, but normal operation.