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Am I the only one? Yesterday it told me that my password was incorrect. I then decided to delete the account and re add it. I got a message saying something about the username and password not matching up with imap.yahoo.apple.mail.yahoo.com. I set my phone down to do some work and then it started working. Now today I had the same error with the password. This time though I knew the issue was that I had changed the password (just did that this afternoon). But when I entered the new password in my phone I'm still getting the following error "The user name or password for "imap.apple.mail.yahoo.com is incorrect.

Any help?

iPhone 3G, Other OS, 2.0
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    try resetting

    Here are the basic server settings for Yahoo! Mail:

    Incoming Mail (POP3) Server: plus.pop.mail.yahoo.com (Use SSL, port: 995)
    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com (Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication)
    Account Name/Login Name: Your Yahoo! Mail ID (your email address without the "@yahoo.com")
    Email Address: Your Yahoo! Mail address (e.g., user@yahoo.com)
    Password: Your Yahoo! Mail password

    If you can't add new POP or SMTP servers, you'll need to change your current server settings to access your Yahoo! Mail Plus account. Write down your current settings first—you might need to revert to them later if you decide to send and receive messages from your other email addresses.

    Your other email program will give you the option of either deleting your Yahoo! messages from the Yahoo! server after downloading them, or leaving them on the Yahoo! server so you can see them online in your Yahoo! account, too.
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    I have the same problem that Max has

    I try resetting and it didnt worked
    the settings mich has are for yahoo plus not regular yahoo mail

    and the yahoo mail settings on the iphone works with regular accounts not plus

    this hapened after I did a restore
    any suggestions

    this are the actual yahoo mail imap settings but they dont work

    use your Y! Account \ Password to access it:

    IMAP: imap.next.mail.yahoo.com
    SMTP: smtp.next.mail.yahoo.com