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Jesse Carrasco Level 1 (15 points)
Earlier this week I downloaded the iTunes upgrade and didn't have any problems with it. However, this morning when I turned my computer on and then opened iTunes I suddenly got a message that it was uploading all of my songs onto it. After about 5 minutes nothing was happening so I just hit cancel. Then when I opened up iTunes again I saw that only about half of my songs where there. All of my playlist, videos, games, podcasts, etc are gone. I tried reinstalling iTunes but that didn't help. I tried plugging my iPod in to see if maybe it would sync up and match it up all up but my iPod just froze. When I rebooted my computer and plugged my iPod back in, iTunes opened and then I got an error message and it closed. I tried relaunching it but the same thing happened. So now I can't even sync up my iPod.

Any advice on what I can do and/or how I can get my old iTunes back?
  • fish29 Level 1 (10 points)
    You are not alone. I went on my Itunes today and my playlists, podcasts, ect.. are completely empty. I am afraid to hook my Ipod up to it for fear of what may happen to it. I wonder why this is happening? If anyone has an answer let it be known. I would really like to be able to my Ipod.
  • lotrswxmpotc Level 1 (0 points)
    I had a similar thing happen when I updated iTunes. After I restarted my computer and clicked on iTunes, the window came up saying it was reloading all of my songs. When it finally ended I opened iTunes and all of my music, videos, etc. were there. The only difference was that there were added playlists for my movies, tv shows,and podcasts. I deleted these because I felt they were pointless. However, all of my podcasts disapeared, but my videos are still there. It just really bugs me that the hundred or so podcasts that I has, some of which are no longer on itunes, are gone. So I'm wondering if the playlists have anything to do with this.