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I've been plagued by choppy flash video playback on my MacPro in all Mac browsers (Firefox 3, Safari). I have the latest released Flashplayer v 9, and its a MacPro, so its not underpowered.

Youtube videos but other flash videos consistently hiccup, a few frames freeze but the audio goes on. It makes watching action, sports or music videos unbearable.

I can rule out the cable provider, the router, the network or the specs of the MacPro with one solid piece of evidence: on my MacPro with the stuttering youtube video, playing the same video in a Parallels Windows XP virtual machine using Firefox 3 or IE is smooth and free of hiccups.

Clearly if an emulated/virtual machine can play smoothly, then the problem MUST be in a configuration within the host Mac Pro!

I've uninstalled flip4mac and Perian. Any other suggestions?

System: MacPro, 5 G RAM, 2x2.66 Xenons, Leopard 10.5.3, highspeed cable connection ( 5815 kb/s download, 984 kb/s upload).

MacPro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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