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Confused why a 200 email limit for a device that has 16 gb (or at least 8 gb)? Hate to compare to BlackBerry, but they keep, best I can tell, thousands of emails or as many as the memory will hold I presume. Any way to up the number above 200?

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    ,,same thing with number of "recent calls", there is a limit - WHY? Why cant we decide how to use the storage capacity of the phone they way we choose. I had a Seimens SX66 for TWO YEARS before it died and i bought an iphone. After two years of use it had a call history of every call ever made or received! The iphone gives us what, a 50 call history? We need to be able to CHOOSE the limits of calls, emails, etc ourselves. PLEASE CHANGE THIS! ! ! !
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    This setting is for the amount of messages to be shown in a mailbox - for the most recent messages in the mailbox.

    For a mailbox that contains more than 200 messages, at the bottom of the mailbox is a Load More Messages selection.

    The entire message for all messages in a mailbox are not downloaded and saved on the iPhone even with the show the 200 most recent messages seelction, with the exception of locally stored mailboxes on the iPhone - such as for the Drafts, Trash, and Sent mailboxes with a POP account.

    Only the message header and the number of preview lines for the message body chosen via Mail preferences are downloaded and available on the iPhone. Selecting a message downloads the message body from the server.

    This is probably done for those when roaming internationally to lower data downloads and the associated cost.
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    I dont have personal experience not being able to keep more than 200 emails, I was just expanding on what David said above. What bothers me is the limit in the call history kept in the "Recents", is there a way to keep a record of as many calls as we choose? I have only used 30% of my 16g, we should be able to choose how to use that storage capacity, and an unlimited call history would make a minimal dent in the memory of the phone

    I also would like to be able to delete certain calls from my history, but I dont see a way to do that either.