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I'm a total newbie, just got my iphone 3G yesterday, I've read through all the troubleshooting but I still can't get itunes to recognize my iphone. Either nothing happens, like a device isn't hooked up, or it says that the "mobile device has not been activated" Hopefully this is a simple issue that I'm just overlooking, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Do you have itunes 7.7.1?
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    Yes, I just downloaded the new version. I've rebooted several times and I've unplugged the cable and put into a different USB port. Did every trouble shooting step.
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    I just tried it all again and this time I got an error message saying that the "iphone could not be added to itunes because of an unknown error (0xE8000035)"
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    I do realize I'm talking to myself here haha. Well, now it seems to be even weirder because I juet kept trying and trying and it finally recognized the iphone but then after I start syncing, it cuts out after about a minute or two and I get an error message saying there was an "invalid response recieved from the device". So I hooked it back up and it recognized it again (after several tries) so I hurried and manually tried syncing some of favorite songs and then it cut out again, when I checked the phone only the ones I added the second time were there, the first round of syncing had been erased. It's a vicious cycle I'm in here! I had this phone for a day and I HATE it!! I'd rather have my dinky little razor phone that at least had video and zoom capabilities. So far all I want to do is take this thing and chuck it into the street!
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    Yeah dude... I get that same error and it makes me furious because the iPhone keeps resetting itself and connenting and disconnecting to the iTunes and popping that error out. The first gen iPhone did it. I thought if I got the 3g it wouldn't but it does it just as much, but faster.

    I wish Apple could do something about it.