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Voicemail Unavailable
Unable to initiate connection

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    Sounds like an at&t problem there.

    Try a couple things here that may be a quick fix if not you will need to contact at&t data support tomorrow.

    1. Reboot iPhone - Now test voicemail

    2. Settings - Airplane Mode - Turn ON for 1 min then turn off - Test voicemail once it reacquires service

    3. Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings - Allow iPhone to reboot - try voicemail

    4. Settings - General - Network - Turn 3G off and test VM, turn back on test again

    5. Remove SIM card and put back in and retest


    Are you able to go to Keypad in telephone, hold down the 1 key. Does it dial into voicemail?

    Are you able to use any other internet services on iPhone?

    If none of these steps work contact either at&t support or apple iphone support who can get you in touch with proper at&t data support group to assist with voicemail troubleshooting over the network.
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    I have a 16gb Edge iPhone with the 2.1 software. I switched phones recently and simply swapped my sim card to my sony ericsson. I had the standard voicemail activated on my service and cancelled my $20 data plan. I got frustrated with the sony ericsson and swapped my sim card back to my iPhone. I called AT&T customer care and was told that because I have the current software and even though I DON'T have the 3g iPhone, I still have to pay the $30 data plan instead of the $20 data plan. The voicemail is part of the data plan, so you may want to check to see which data plan you are on.