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  • gtrogue Level 1 Level 1
    Plenty of options to workaround the Chinese firewall. The biggest issue is that proxies slowdown the connection. When you are downloading large files like movies and TV shows the slowdown is very noticeable.
    For those that don't know, what you want is a SOCKS or HTTP proxy, SSH, or VPN connection to US servers, or to whatever country you want.
    As mentioned before there is The Onion Router (this site is blocked from China and TOR is slow).
    A few options for paid services are: (too expensive)

    I personally use Secure Tunnel. They offer SSH, and VPN connections that work on iPhones and iPod Touches. They also have good connection speeds (at least until all you guys signup)
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    Fighting with the GFW for years, I can tell you instead of that the entire Amazon is blocked, some keywords in your URL is in the GFW's blacklist.
    Enter this URL
    in Google and Google will be blocked for some minutes. This is a method used by GFW since 2003.
    the exact blacklisted words in your URL is and B001C32XQI
    GFW has at least 4 methods to block certain sites and/or content. Blocking IP addresses, DNS requests hijacking, keyword filtering in HTTP header, keyword filtering in packet content and SSL certification filtering are all used by this huge firewall system for censoring "politically incorrect" and **** content on the Internet outside China.
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    My Response from Apple:

    +I'm truly sorry for your frustration that China has blocked access to the iTunes Store. I do not know why China is blocking access to the iTunes Store, but as I mentioned before the iTunes Store does not support geographic regions outside of specific country's store such as the US or Australia.+

    +Again, please review the iTunes Store Sales and Service Policies is you have not already done so:+

    They are acknowledging they are being blocked.....
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    I am also affected by the ban and look for a workaround.

    What is the difference between Secure Tunnel ($179/yr) and WiTopia ($40/yr) apart from the price?
    Can you recommend forums etc that discuss differences of these personal VPN providers?
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    Great. I think it makes Chinese iPhone users have more difficult using their iPhone. Apple doesn't mind the Wall blocking the access to iTunes Store. It seems that we have to wait for Chinese iTunes Store. Just do some push-up and wait for it.
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    Can anyone confirm that if their iPod Touch is still able to sync with their iTunes. My iPhone does not sync to the iTunes so I cant do anything with it. I am pretty sure it goes the same with the the iPod Touch.

    The reason why I want to know is because I understand that the iPhone is not a official Apple product in China but the iPod Touch is. So how is the Apple store in Beijing selling products that doesnt even work?
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    Are you fond of visit the blocked pages only? I mean, we can get access to amazon instead of some blocked pages, and you said amazon is blocked in China. In a word, what you said is not the fact. Isn't that a lie?
    I also want to point it out that the difference between blocking of amazon and blocking of iTunes Store is that entire iTunes Store is blocked but amazon is only blocked in some pages.
    Take it easy, guys who is in China:

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    Hi all,

    Just to tell that I purchased witopia ( and it seems to work well when you are using it. I was able to connect to the iTunes store and buy some songs.

    It feels a bit slower but since you can turn it on and off, I don't think it'll be a big hassle. Seems to be worth the 40$. Anyway, it is for me

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    Never used witopia. One difference I see is that Witopia only offers VPN connections. Secure Tunnel used to be cheaper. When I signed up it was only $6.95/month.
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    Thanks for testing it out. I just bought it. It is a little slower like you mentioned but I can live with it. At least I can get my iPhone working again for now.
    For $40 per year and 30 days money back guarantee you cant go wrong. (I am not advertising)
    Hopefully iTunes will be back and running within 30 days.
    Probably going to keep it for the future to climb the GREATWALL.

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    on what basis do you know its a bug?
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    "...but amazon is only blocked in some pages." so amazon is not blocked...i got it, thanks.

    "...entire iTunes Store is blocked."!? i still can watch movie trailers and download subscribed podcasts. itunes store is not blocked. why you lie?

    enjoy your batman.
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    Only the store is blocked, not the content servers. This is why you can download subscribed podcasts and watch movie you downloaded.

    If you click on the "iTunes Store" button to access the store, it won't work. Basically you're not able to get new contents(subscribe to new podcats, buy Apps/Music, etc)
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    Well, for the podcast, don't you realize that the links of podcasts isn't provided by iTunes Store and most of the links doesn't contain filtered words? If you subscribe podcasts provided by different providers, you will find that the download speed is different, especially when your bandwidth is so narrow. For example, I subscribed Antiwave and Discovery's Future Weapon (podcast) at the same time last year, and the download speed of Antiwave is much more higher. That means they have different download server, even different from iTunes Store server. I think if you subscribe a podcast which has a link with filtered words in it, maybe you'll be blocked.
    For the movie trailers, I thought that they're not the content of iTunes Store because some of them can be downloaded at apple website. And now my Front Row can not get the movie trailers. I know I should have said that all of the iTunes Store pages are probably blocked because the links of the pages contain filtered words.
    You gave me a good advice that we must describe the problem accurately so that someone can solve it. Thank you very much!
    If you think I made mistake, just point out. What I think is often wrong.

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