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How do i scan the Ipods hdd i have a 4th Gen click wheel. i did the test thing as in holding the << and select but it all passed and the hdd scan option is not there for this type of ipod. Can someone give me a link or explain how to do a chck disk scan. I would like to do this because my ipod hdd is slow to play songs and one time it froze,gave the sad ipod icon twice and eventually worked. i think it is on its way out. Do you recommend swapping the HDD with my friends same generation ipod (his motherboard is dead) or getting a new one( this is not the first time it played up. It was playing up when i got it off ebay (there's a lesson to the ebay people, I got a friend to get it, i hate ebay)

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    The best test I know of is using Disk Utility. Connect the iPod but don't run iTunes. Run Disk Utility. Select the iPod's hard drive (not the volume indented under the drive) in the sidebar. Go to the Erase tab. Click the +Security Options+ button. Select the option to +Zero Out Data+. This will write zeros to every sector of the drive and serves as a good +stress test+. This will obviously erase the music on your iPod.

    This procedure should take at most about 30 minutes (depending on drive size). If it completes successfully, quit Disk Utility and run iTunes. Tell it not to sync and use the Restore button on the iPod's pane. After Restore completes, you can set it up as desired, like it was a new iPod.

    If it seems to stall or if it errors out using "zero out data," and does not complete successfully, there is a very good chance that your iPod's hard drive is going bad. That's the most common failure point. It could also be the logic board, or the connection between the hard drive and logic board. It's hard to tell without opening the iPod.

    It's easy to swap the hard drive, if you know how to open the iPod. You need those plastic tools that come with a replacement battery. If you use metal tools (like a screwdriver), you will damage the case. Opening the case the first time is the hardest part of the procedure; once you figure out the technique, it is easy to do.