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Andrew McKie Level 1 (5 points)
Hopefully this isn't a stupid question - I'm new to Mac-land. I used to play my DVD's on my PC and watch them using a networked player (Kiss DP1504) on my TV downstairs (the players own built-in DVD drive was way too fussy and wouldn't play most DVD's!). Anyway, I've moved over to Mac (just loving aperture...) and I was wondering if I could achieve something similar using Apple TV? I'm looking to purchase an Apple TV for the 'show photos' feature but I'd like to avoid buying a dedicated DVD player too if possible. Purely aesthetics, I don't like too many under-TV boxes. I guess the other way of asking the question is; will the DVD drive on my Mac Pro accessible be for playing content through an Apple TV over the wireless network?

Any help appreciated; many thanks in advance...


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