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I have been wondering for a long time. What does "Other" mean in the iPod capacity? Audio, Video, Free Space, I can understand. But "Other"? What files does Other refer to? Album artwork?


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    The "Other" category refers to any photos, album artwork, or games you have on your iPod.

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    Other refers to anything that isn't already in another category. First and foremost, the iPod itself uses some disk space for caching so there will always be a little bit of "Other" used by the iPod itself. You can see this when you update a bunch of new music to your iPod. As you sync the "Other" amount will change up and down as it syncs.

    In addition, things like Notes and I think contacts would fall under "Other". Photos shouldn't normally since they normally have their own category on the capacity bar. However I have had issues with orphaned photo files being left in the photos folder and using up drive space as "Other".

    And finally, if you enable Disk Use on the iPod (or turn on Manually manage) your iPod appears as a normal external hard drive. Anything you add to the iPod drive as an external hard drive will be listed in "Other". So if, for example, you transfer a bunch of PDF files, CAD drawings, and power point files to bring home from work on the iPod, all those files will show up as "Other".

    Normally, if you don't use the iPod as a drive and do not have lots of contacts and notes, "Other" will hover in the megabyte range which is OK. I you start to see it exceed a gig and you don't have anything on the iPod other than music and videos, you may have some lost files cluttering up the iPod. You can clear this up by restoring the iPod (which erases it) and resyncing your library back on to the iPod.

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    Thanks for both replies. I will try out the suggestions.

    Thanks again.