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Anybody know of the way to connect iPhone (iPod function) to a car with no 3.5mm input or tape deck. '02 Mazda Protege 5.

Windows XP
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    You have to determine what extra inputs you have on your car stereo. If you have an aux input on the back where you can have a left and right audio input then you can just buy an RCA audio cable to 1/4 inch jack and run the wire thru or around the dashboard or whatever, simple. Sometimes, however, the aux input may be set up for a CD Changer which is a seperate style of input, the name eludes me right now. Either way, just look at any aux input, determine what kind it is and buy a cable to adapt or in the case its a cd changer input you may just need to buy a conversaion kit. You can find them for around 60 bucks on amazon if i remember correctly.
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    In the event you don't have an aux input accessible, you can purchase any one of the multitudes of FM transmitters and plug your iPod into it then change the radio station to the appropriate frequency. This is not the ideal method but it does work. You should also consider buying a new car stereo like the Sony models that have not only the aux input jack on the front but also bluetooth connectivity for handsfree calling.
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    Thanks for your input.
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    You could also get an adapter that works using your cars stock stereo to control the ipod functions. I bought one for around $70 I think, and it comes with some harnesses specific for your car and a long ipod cable, the one that goes into the bottom to charge it.

    Installation was fairly simple it was plug and play. You basically unplug the factory harness from the radio and plug it into a box that comes with the kit, then you plug the harness from the box into the stock stereo. Then the ipod/iphone cable comes off the box and you can run it to where ever you want, I have mine in the glove box.

    To use it, I hit the AUX button on my car radio 3 times and now there is a 4th option that shows on the display for ipod. After this you can play and scroll through all your music. Works pretty well so far. And if you get an incoming call it will pause and ring through the car speakers as well. Only part that is a bit of a pain is if it rings while your driving, unplugging it to answer.

    This setup also gives you another option for AUX 2, so for instance that box has another input on it, which I plugged my sirius radio into so that comes through the speakers as well.

    I am pretty sure this is the one I had bought, but its clearly more than I thought I paid. Maybe it was on sale or something at the time.

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8760888&type=product&id=1202650491 628
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    Does plugging in the phone via the headphone jack to the aux in on the sony car stereo negate the funtioning of the bluetooth ?