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Am trying to demo the iPhone VPN capabilities for an audience and not able to find a cable that can take the iPhone screen display and show it on a projector or monitor. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

I checked with the APple store in San Jose - they claim this is not possible, only if iPhone is playing video, that can be shown on a display or monitor. Can anyone confirm this?


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    I believe this is correct.

    What you see during Apple events when Apple employees are demonstrating iPhone functions connected to and shown on a screen for the audience is a special setup that is not for general use.

    There is a TV Out function that should support being used for showing photos.

    If so, you can demo the iPhone VPN capabilities with photos. Using the iPhone screen shot function.
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    iPod and iPhone: TV out support

    I use the Apple Composite AV Cable to connect an iPod Classic to TVs while travelling:
    This lists the iPhone as supported.

    If your projector has AV input (yellow RCA socket)then this should work. Note that the settings of the iPhone probably need to be changed to activate TV out (they do for the iPod).
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    My apologies - I now realise that you want to "mirror" your iPhone display - not just play videos. Looks daunting!
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    Not really what you are looking for, but how about setting a camera up to shoot the iPhone screen as you use it, and another to shoot the screen of the computer you are controling. Those two cameras could go though seperate laptop over the internet to a single computer showing both webcams on it's screen that is then sent to a projector. It would all be real time and at least show what you want to show.

    Like I said not exactly what you wanted, but I think that would be your only real choice.
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    Is there any update on this since the Aug 18 posting. I to share a couple iPhone applications remotely and would ideally do this by sharing my iPhone screen on my iMac or my PC.

    There is an application for Blackberry that allows this (BBScreenShooter or BBScreenStream or Rove Blackberry Viewer). I am looking for a similar solution for my iPhone.

    The only alternative I have would be using an elmo camera but that is not very mobile nor is it cheap.

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    There's SOTI Pocket Controller for MS Windows Mobile devices that uses ActiveSync to display the phones screen image on the paired laptop/desktop, but I've not seen anything like that for the iPhone. It's unfortunate because software products like Pocket Controller make it very easy to include your mobile device in presentations... especially helpful if you're trying to demo a mobile app or feature.
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    I agree. SOTI Pocket Controller is a great tool. I wish something like this existed for the iPhone. I give presentations to medical students on using hand held technology. I would love to showcase my iPhone, but I default to using my Windows PDA and SOTI. Apple (or a cleaver developer) is missing an opportunity here to provide a tool that we can use to showcase the iPhone.
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    Soti pocket is a software that should be installed on the PC,
    We are talking about a software that should be installed on the Iphone and uses the TV out Cable that already is support by Apple and displays it on the TV or Projector or whatever.
    This Feature will be more powerfull that Soti and any TV out machine.
    I hope Apple do it in the next update or even as an external software.
    As i really in disperete need of this option.
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    Sign up as a developer and use the simulator?
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    HOw can i use that??!
    can you tell me please...
    Can it work with my issue.

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    If the iphone simulator isn't what you're looking, here's another option if your phone is j*broken... I don't condone this in any way shape or form (and also read through the T&C of the forum and under the spirit of helping fellow posters with an issue)... There's a vnc server app (veency) that you could install onto your iPhone - it's similar to the desktop app like vine server that you would install on your mac but it is installed onto your iphone... load up a vnc client on your mac and you'll be able to bring up a mirror of your iphone screen... the refreshing of the animations of the iphone may not be as smooth as it is on your iphone but still pretty decent for demonstration purposes.... you can also control your iphone from your mac with your mouse. You could plug in your mac into the projector...
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    Actually vnc, may not be the best to demo your app since it'll require that you're on wifi and on the same network as your pc/mac... it'll work probably up until you launch your vpn app and establishes a secure connection, it may drop the inbound connection from your mac/pc losing your display on the big screen... but this would work for others who want to demo their app (that doesn't require a network connection to AT&T but could use the wifi - since wifi shuts down edge or 3g data connections) via a Jobs like presentation doing it live on the iphone (but cordless) and showing it on a big screen versus using the simulator from the sdk.
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    Educators need to be able to project iPhone applications in the classroom!
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