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I use a pre-paid plan on my iPhone 3G, and it's often that a friend click on something (or a app tries to connect) that requires a connection and takes most of the credit on my plan.

I only use the internet using the free wi-fi hotspots available in my area and not much often. So I turn it off to save battery, however when I turn if off it starts using GPRS using my paid credits.

So I would like to block the access, any idea?

Thank you all in advance.
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    Not possible with the iPhone.

    The only way to block any and all cellular data access with the iPhone for your account is with your cellular provider at the source.
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    Thank you Allan,

    But that will block the sending of data like sms or calls? Can the cell provider block the access via GPRS on their side?
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    You're welcome.

    SMS messages are transferred via the same avenue as calls.

    Blocking data access at the source for your account will prevent ANY internet functions with your iPhone unless you are connected via wi-fi. This will also eliminate the visual voicemail feature with the iPhone. All visual voicemail messages are downloaded to the iPhone via the cellular network only.

    Your cellular provider can block data access or internet access via their cellular network for your account, which is the only way to prevent any data access over the cellular network with the iPhone.

    As long as you have cellular reception, the iPhone is designed to have an internet connection - via wi-fi or cellular, with the iPhone switching from an available wi-fi network that you have access to the cellular network automatically and seamlessly and back again.
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    Great then! I only use Wi-fi, and don't use visual voice mail, so it will be a good solution for me. Thank you for you help!
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    That seems crazy given that our plans have caps and if we go over them we are charged at ridiculous rates ... Seems like we are being set up for a very big fall if we can't stop our internet usage when we need to.