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I have an album in iTunes, and I made sure that EVERY detail in the info screen shows the same information except for the track name, including making sure that it was not part of a compilation, and the track numbers are right and everything.

It seems though, that they will not group together. I'll get one song by itself, then a group of 3 or so, then the rest of the album, all separated in iTunes even though they have the same information.

Can anyone help with this puzzling problem?

PC, Windows XP Pro, iTunes 7.7.1
  • Katrina S. Level 7 (24,095 points)
    Sometimes you have to click the Compilation box. It gets fixed. And then you can uncheck the compilation box and it's still fixed!
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    Sometimes iTunes may split an album into one or more partial albums. This split may happen if some tracks from the album have different values for Artist, Album Artist (ignored on iPod), Album, No. of Discs. or Part of a Compilation. Tiny differences such as trailing spaces, accented characters, or variants of symbols can be quite hard to spot. Normally overtyping the desired value for each shared field will complete the grouping of the album into one entity. Occasionally, however, this method seems to fail. In this instance I've found that you can force every field to update properly by adding some extra text - e.g. a trailing X, which once applied seems to complete the joining of the tracks into one album. Once this has happened the extra data can be removed and the album should remain properly grouped.

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    That's completely weird, putting an x next to the artist name and album name grouped them together, then removing the x kept them grouped together. Thanks a lot for your help!
    Apple really needs to get that bug straightened out.