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Bill Soan Level 2 Level 2 (185 points)
Hi I've bought a new iPhone G3 and it keeps setting the volume of the ringer lower by itself.
I've missed some important calls because of this.
I upgraded to 2.0.2 and that did not fix it.
I can't see why it's doing this. I'm deliberately not pressing any of the side buttons on the handset during a call or anything.

I set the volume to full, quit the preferences, use the phone for say making a call or opening an application and then when I check the volume it's gone down by itself. it's gone down by different amounts each time I look. Sometimes all the way and sometimes just half way or so.

Is there an answer to this one. Have I got some strange setting wrong or is this a very serious problem?

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5), 2gig of ram
  • Chris St Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I also thought the ringer volume was changing however I discovered that the ringer _volume doesnt actually change_, its only the "graphic" that shows it lower. In other words, the graphic slider maintains the position of the volume in the ipod section when you are looking at it in the ringer section.
    Try this to prove it out. After setting you ringer vol, play a song at 50% vol. then go back to ringer volume setting and see the slider at 50%. Now touch the ringer volume switch on the side of the phone and it jumps to full at the first touch.
  • Bill Soan Level 2 Level 2 (185 points)
    No, it's not just the graphic.
    They way I found out that the phone volume had changed automatically was that I couldn't hear my phone ringing! Time after time. I couldn't hear my phone ringing.
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    I'm having the same issue. I recently installed 2.0.2. The volume automatically lowers and I can not manually turn up the volume. This is occuring on my headset and ringer volume. In order to fix, I have to turn my phone off and then turn back on. Once it is back on, I can control the volume correctly.
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    Similar issue here. I did visit the Genius Bar regarding this issue, he tested it, gave me another new 8GB 3G, I stood there checked it in front of him, did the same as the one he just exchanged, then he goes to check with others on the floor, they say it has always been like that, I state NO my other 2G does not do this. Then he logs on to some Genius Bar forum, checks and reads a bunch of posts by the Geniuses on the forum with similar questions and then tells me ,oh yeah its a bug and Apple knows about it and will come up with a fix. NOW when that's gonna happen? When pigs fly. What was odd is while I was about to leave the store I went around the 8 iPhones they have on display, four 16GB and four 8GB units ALL the 8GB's exhibited this and ONLY one 16GB exhibited this. I went back to him and showed him exactly what I noticed and he was so confused and at that point he just said>>>> you are the first person to walk into this store and point out this issue. This is the store at Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara CA. This is so annoying cause I have missed numerous calls and NO help in sight. I am sure I am going to get bashed here really bad cause I said things that a lot of members here don't like to hear that the Emperor Has No Clothes!!! and also in violation of this forum.

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    I wanted to report that I too have this problem. I first noticed it when I was listening to music at work with the earphones that came with it. I'd be listening to music and then, all of a sudden, the volume would lower and I couldn't hear the music anymore. I looked down and tried to raise the touch volume bar but it would just automatically lower itself to zero again. The volume buttons on the side of the phone are similar. Sometimes it lets me raise the volume but the lower volume button doesn't work. I've noticed I have more trouble with the phone on silent mode but still have the issue when the phone is unsilent. At first it was just a tiny glitch but now the phone is doing this all of the time. In addition, it seems to wake constantly by itself, without me hitting the home button. I have 4 friends with iPhone 3g's and none of them report having these types of problems.

    So, is there an official line from apple on this matter? I'd like to read it if so and let them know that I'm having the issue as well. I'm honestly thinking about taking it in to Best Buy and just getting a new one if there's no fix in sight.
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    I have had this problem too, both the ringer volume and the phone volume goes down on its own.
  • Quikzilver Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    As a follow up to my previous post, I wanted to let you all know that I've tried turning my phone off and then turning it back on, resetting it, and lastly by attempting to restore it with the iTunes software. I'm still having the issue with the volume and ringer.

    One question I wanted to pose to the rest of you experiencing this matter though. Are any of you using or have bought the new Sony FM Alarm Clock/Dock for the iPhone 3g? I have and I just want to rule it out as a culprit.
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    I have the same behavior on my 3G iPhone with 2.2. Every time I touch it in the top left area, the Volume lowers itself to zero. It sometimes takes 3 resets (Home and sleep button) until the problem goes away. Does someone know if there is a fix for that?