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I would like to provide WiFi mobile printers to our sales guys. The printers are small, battery operated devices, with a belt-clip. The sales guys also have bluetooth barcode scanners.

The idea is:

• sales guy visits a store
• sales guy scans items in the store, and the barcode for each item is sent to the laptop via Btooth
• barcode is processed and immediately printed via WiFi to an adhesive label on the printer on the sales guy's belt
• sales guy fixes label to shelf and repeats

These wifi printers can be set with a fixed IP address. But... the sales guys will be in many different stores around the US, with no consistent wifi connection. Is there any way in Leopard to create EASILY a Location or set the laptop as a WiFi access point (or something else) which would allow the sales guys to switch EASILY to print to their mobile printers?

I am looking at computer-to-computer networks, and Internet Sharing, but I'm finding the EASY part of the above is elusive.



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Mac OS X (10.5.4)