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All of a sudden when trying to entire Time Machine the 'Connecting to backup volume' window just hangs.
Restarted. Repaired permissions. Rebooted Time Capsule. Same thing. Ideas?

20" iMac Intel Duo Core, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Same thing with me. I get an error after the timeout that says:

    "Connection failed

    There was an error connecting to the server. Check the server name or IP address and try again.

    If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact your system administrator."

    Now... I am the system administrator. I have no idea why this isn't working. I have an external 500 gig drive plugged into the Time Capsule that works fine with Time Machine if I plug it directly into my computer...

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    I just figured it out. After an Airport update, the connection to the Time Capsule was lost. My Time Capsule still showed up in a Finder Window in the left bar. When I clicked on the Time Capsule, it said CONNECTION FAILED on the right. I clicked CONNECT and it prompted me for my Password. I entered it, and everything is now fine. It's backing up!