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I would like to share one calendar with my wife - we have a family Mobile Me account if that helps. It needs to be write access for both of us. I don't want to just publish it since I don't want everyone to be able to see what we're up to - i.e. on vacation for two weeks = guaranteed break in at home etc etc. Maybe I could use my public folder with a password but then it sort of defeats the general use purpose of that folder. Other ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4), MacBook x2 + Mini
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    I'm just trying to figure out the same thing, I'm in exactly the same boat as you. I've tried creating a google calendar and subscribing to it in iCal, but iCal won't let me edit it, which is no use.
  • patricksan Level 1 Level 1
    Guys what I did:

    - publish a private calendar to http://www.icalx.com/ from my iCal with user/pwd.
    - in my wife computer she subscribes to this private one.
    - if I change the calendar she can see the difference.

    The only problem is that she can not edit.
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    thats the hole problem. how do we create a calendar using iCal that two people can share and CHANGE?
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    I cannot agree more... THere has to be some way here to use Calendar to publish (to ME hopefully) and have a group calendar result that any number of people can share. And edit.

    It mystifies me finding out how to do this is so hard to run down or (way worse) that the functionality is impossible for some reason...

    I hope someone has an answer to this... I just took on new responsibilities that require that I have a group calendar capability. (Ie, I am required to have a calendar that an admin assistant can view AND edit...)
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    I have been struggling with this problem since the beginning! I just don't understand how Apple isn't taking care of this!!!! VERY Frustrated.
  • A. Heimert Level 2 Level 2
    You can do this with google, but you have to set it up as a caldav calendar in google. Then you can edit in ical and in google calendar. search on google for directions.
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    For me it is very frustrated that Apple has to Tool to use this iCal (MobileMe) Professional.

    How many people have a calander that needs to be edit also by their secretary! When you look in the way a small office is running in the past it was normal that chief and secretary edit both the calander on the Paper-Way. Now we have digital Calender and we can only publish but not edit.

    Do we really need to switch to Now Up to Date or Meeting Maker of switch to a windows based solution like Exchange or Lotus Notes.

    Please Apple, solve this problem in the next release of OS X and MobileMe!

    Gérard Dirks
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    The challenge is compounded if you each want to have the same calendars on your iPhones as you do on your computer. My wife and I each have our own computers and iPhones, sharing calendars is a trial. At present subscribed calendars are not pushed to the iPhone. There are workarounds but they're not automatic nor can you control them. Frustrating to have something so great so near but yet so far.

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    What workarounds are there? My husband and I both have iphones and macbooks - i want his changes on his iphone or his ical to be visible by me, and vice versa. I was going to just log into me.com as him and enter calendar events into HIS calendar...so he'd get alarms on his iphone but for the love of GOD there is no way to set alarms on me.com!!!!!!
    so mad.
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    This is absurd. Using google calendar I get ten times more versatility than i do with mobile me and ical. This is ridiculous apple! I just bought a family plan hoping that my wife and I could then exchange calendar info, but oh no, I just paid an insane amount of money in todays free-of-charge-webtool-services for something that essentially does nothing the way it's supposed to :

    Replace idisk with dropbox ten times faster : getdropbox.com
    Replace MobileME ical with Gcal calboration : http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=99358#ical

    Both are free!
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    It work's fine but you have to set up iCal sync to use the same mobile me account as far as I can see. I have calendars set up in iCal which I sync with MobileMe using my "parent" MobileMe account. My wife has an e-mail only account. I set Calendar syncing on her MacBook to log in using my MobileMe account - then she gets all the calendars I have and can edit/view/etc. All changes on her MacBook are synced back to me via MobileMe on my iPhone and my MacBook Pro.

    This seems to work fine. But of course it does mean we have to share contacts, bookmarks, etc., for syncing purposes as I can only sync to my MobileMe account and not hers (but as she has a e-mail only account this doesn't matter).
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    I have a similar problem. I'd like to be able to update my calendar using my iPhone - essentially being able to update 'on the fly.' My Me account updates but - unless I'm doing this wrong - my iCal has to be updated from my Mac. Since my wife's calendar updates from my iCal entering data on my iPhone is somewhat useless until i can get to computer

    I have set the updates on iCal to update automatically, but I still find I must load up iCal and THEN it will update to the subscribed calendar.

    Can she subscribe to my Me account and update that way?