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Hello, is there an easy way to restore my iphone to its original factory state? I really screwed up and loaded things I don't want, etc. I only got the phone a few days ago so I was not sure what I was doing. I just want to start over.
Thank you.

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    The iPhone includes an option to erase all content and settings.

    Go to Settings > General > Reset, and select Erase All Content and Settings.

    With firmware update 2.0, this includes a more secure erase method and takes an hour or two.

    Or you can restore your iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from your iPhone's backup.

    With your iPhone connected, select Restore under the Summary tab for your iPhone sync preferences.

    This will completely erase your iPhone and then re-install the current firmware version.

    After the current firmware version is re-installed, you will be prompted to restore your iPhone from your iPhone's backup, which is the default selection. Or you can select as a new iPhone instead or not from your iPhone's backup. Either way must be followed by a sync.
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    Thank you very much. : )
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    I restored my phone to factory settings earlier today (I have the original iPhone model) because I was having trouble syncing it. I chose to restore my phone to an earlier back-up, only none of my photos or music transferred back to my phone. When I plugged my phone back into my computer to try to sync it again, it brought me back to the "Set Up Your PHone" screen and asked me to restore to my back-up. Any suggestions?