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I can hardly ever hear my iPhone 3G when it's ringing, unless it's right next to me. Anyone else have this problem? What can I do about it? Is there a ringtone I can buy that's louder than most? I've also made a bunch of my own ringtones that I love, but I REALLY can't hear those, so they go unused.

Also, anyone have a tip for just plain old ring I can download or buy? I hate that the only "real" ring that comes with the iPhone 3G is the "old phone". I'd love to have a few different actual rings to choose from, NOT sound effects or music.
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    i agree, its not very loud, i use the "old phone" tone, half the others are too quiet. Its the quietest phone ive ever had
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    It's even worse on the old iphone. You never know you're getting a call or text even with vibrate and ring on since both are weak, and the vibrate cannot be adjusted. The speaker is already there, so nothing apple can do, but they could allow one to set a reminder vibrate/ring so at some point we may realise the missed call or text.
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    Go to audiko.net and do a search for iphone ad ring. Select the second one on the list and underneath it select "download ringtone for iphone." Then just drag it into iTunes and your done. They are all free and that one is nice and loud and a normal ring.

    Also, after you have it on your computer you can open up garage band and edit it to make the pauese in between rings as long or as short as you want. Then at the top of garage band, select share and send ringtone to iTunes.
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    Have you turned the ringer volume up? Mine is so loud that it would wake the dead if it goes off in a quiet setting.
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    You can increase the volume in Garage Band. I dragged the file to Garage Band and increased master volume and resaved. There are many programmes that you can create your own MP3s and save them as ringtones using iTone.
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    yes of course ive turned the ring vol up lol. spose you had to ask.

    Is there a iphone ringtone pak you can download, that audiko.net seems to be induvidual tones, and i dont want to go through the pain of getting 20 induvidual files when you cant even test hear them 1st, only to find there all rubbish.

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    What do you mean? On Audiko.net you click on the ringtone and there is a play button right next to it to listen to it. They are all free. If you want it, you click download ringtone for iphone. It is the easiest process.
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    i see no play button......but now i do thanks

    Are there any other good free places?

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    Some of these are an absolute riot..... like the Air Raid Siren. Man that would wake up the dead.
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    See the above post edited.
    Not only is so paranoid about protecting them selfs and intrests that they are killing the iphone.

    A typical example. They can turn off apps not purchased thru thier app store. but cant provide cut and past. Or a mised call reminder or an emergency button that only allows you to make calls.

    To guys like you just do a google you will find better and more relavent answers.
    At least I did. And it did cure my crapy ringer volume.
    Even if it may not be "Legit" in apples eyes.

    To the mods guys ease up. Or you will kill a good forum.