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Right now I'm at a relative's house in Florida. I live in New York. I saw that Apple released version 2.0.2 for the iPhone, so I tried downloading it and it didn't work. I got an "unknown error." Now my iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, and if I restore, I'll lose all my data and everything until I go home. I would really like to be able to keep everything so I can listen to music on my trip home. I know that is no longer possible now that I need to restore my iPhone, but I'm looking for another solution. I have LogMeIn (a remote access program) installed on my computer at home. I have full access to anything on the desktop, and I can get file transfer as well. Is there a way I can set up a remote USB drive or transfer files from my home PC to my relative's PC? If I can set it up so I can connect my iPhone to my relative's PC and restore it from my home PC, that would be ideal but I'm not sure if it's possible. Does anyone know of any software that could help me out? I'm willing to pay if it would cost me, I just want my iPhone back. I'm afraid to update to restore the iPhone now because that would install 2.0.2 and at home my last sync was with 2.0.1.

Can someone please help me out?
Thanks and I really appreciate it.

Black 16GB iPhone 3G