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Virus protection on iphone
do we need it?

iphone 3g
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    As long as you wipe off the phone after sharing it with someone you should be okay. For extra protection, use an alcohol wipe .
  • Ansuz82 Level 6 Level 6
    Not at this time. The only things that can be installed to the iPhone are offical apps via the App store. These apps are reviewed by Apple and should be fine.

    In addition, there is also no virus protection software available for the above mentioned reason.
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    There are no viruses that infect or affect OS X at the present time, which has been available for 7 or 8 years now.

    The only reason a Mac user uses virus protection on a Mac is to protect Windows users when forwarding a file received from a Windows user to another Windows user.
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    Condoms protect against viruses. You must be a windows user. Viruses have never affected Apple products. I'd still use the condom though.
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    Sure the Mac can get viruses.

    Off the top of my head I can think of two:

    The oompa loompa virus and the OSX.Leap

    Also, if you have (gasp) Microsoft Office installed on your Mac, it's been known to have viruses.

    Also, there's a virus that infects the ID tag of an MP3 that executes when you open it in finder.

    BUT, these are rare. But of course the Anti-Virus companies make virus scanning software for the Mac. Why? because some people will by it with the tiniest scare, and those anti-virus companies are the first ones to initiate a scare. Sounds a bit like insider trading, but in this case it's legal.

    I've been reading about the scare tactics that have been happening in the UK to do with the iPhone and the new AppStore. The likelihood of a virus getting into an app on the store is pretty minimal due to the amount of tracking Apple does on the code, but can it happen? Sure. Some of these idiots don't mind getting caught.

    But as of now, I'd certainly say you don't need it. BUT, if you feel you MUST get your music via P2P and you feel you MUST load this music into iTunes and sync it with your iPhone, I say you're on your own if you have trouble.

    Even on a PC, if you use common sense whilst browsing the Internet, checking your mail, etc., you can go your whole life without getting infected.

    So, you're question is valid, and I found this article which may be interesting to you:

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    Ah, yes, it's good to get corrected from time to time. I fell prey to the common misconception that a trojan is a virus is a worm is a virus is a trojan.

    I haven't Googled for a list of known Mac viruses, but I've read some articles about them, but again maybe I was confusing a trojan (sometimes wrongly called a Trojan Horse Virus) with a virus.

    So, re-read my post and replace 'virus' with 'threat' please!

    I don't run anti-virus on my Mac, nor will I until something big happens, so, yeah, I might be one of the sorry ones when some 15 year old from an Indian village decides it's time to attack the Mac, but until then, I'm going to enjoy the fact that my Mac boots up roughly 20 times faster than my work PC, my Internet pages load about 3 times faster, and I can run Photoshop and hit save and not have to wait 15 seconds until my next operation.

    Then again, I have a laptop PC that started running sooooo slowly that I decided to take Norton off of it and run it anti-spyware free, and while it still doesn't boot as quickly as a macbook, in the 4 years I've had it, I haven't gotten a virus -- but I'm very careful to only use it as a business tool, not some multimedia music-sharing and gaming device.
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    I don't believe you can even have protection on the phone, but you will surely need it on your pc. Don't forget you are opening emails which can have something and be transferred from the phone to your pc. I saw some footage on tv a while back about the phones being used in the factory which can also contain a virus (just how it all went I don't recall exactly, but they do test them). Also any refurb may not be clean. It would be nice if there was some kind of protection for the phone to start of with, but as long as your computer has good protection it should catch it when syncing (I hope),
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    Well, I stand corrected.

    Still, until we actually have report of a virus on the iPhone I'm not really sure what it could be scanning for...
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    We take your money and make you feel good.
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    Hey, never discount the value of peace of mind...
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    there are a handful of viruses / trojans out in the wild for os x, however these are really proof of concept and as far as i am aware, in all cases they only get installed when a user specifically downloads, opens and then authorises with their account password for the thing to install, aka you physically have to infect your own computer!

    as for the iphone, i haven't heard of any viruses in circulation, however i would have thought it's only a matter of time before mobile devices get targeted. as stated above though, you can only install applications for your iphone from the itunes app store, so it should eliminate much of the risk.

    i wouldn't worry about viruses on the iphone at this point in time though