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Hi all,

got some music in my itunes and am trying to download the track names. I know I can get these via itunes/Gracenote but that only works for tracks that were imported via Itunes - which is not the case here.

When I had a PC, I remember downloading a program that would look up the name of the album and download track names and cover pic from amazon and other sites. Is there any application like that for Mac. Have been looking around but to no avail.

Any other idea as to how to get these track names (not in the mood to rename 35 tracks manually).



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    Gracenotes only works on full albums and not on individual tracks. The way it works is it looks at the table of contents of the CD to get the number of tracks and time of each track and what order they are in. This creates an almost unique "fingerprint" of a CD because it is rare for two or more CDs to have the exact same number of tracks with the same song lengths in the same order.

    So as you can see, a single song is not very unique and so databases like Gracenotes are of no use trying to automatically look up single tracks or randomly burned "mix" CDs.