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Ok so my Apple store ordered me a replacement phone yesterday... when I get it, how do I tell if its refurbished or not? Cause if it is refurbished, I'm gonna ask them to order me ANOTHER one that is actually new..
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    There really is no way to tell if its a refurb or not.

    If it is refurbished, you don't have the ability to ask for a new replacement. Apple's iPhone warranty allows them to repair/replace defective products with either new or refurbished products at their sole decression.

    It doesn't really matter. Refurbs are tested to ensure that they have 100% of the functionality as a new phone, as well as no cosmetic flaws.

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    I think I would actually prefer a Refurbished one? They apparently go through more stringent testing!
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    An iPhone is refurbished if the serial number begins with 5K. It is the same method Apple used for refurbished iPhones last year.

    You agreed upon purchasing the phone in the warranty that replacement iPhones may either be new or refurbished and that the choice is for Apple to make.
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    The packaging would most likely be the best indicator.

    Refurb would be in a brown box, new would be, well, new.

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    A friend of mine got a refurb white iPhone and it came in the white box just as the new phones do.
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    Check the serial number. Refurbs are given new serial numbers, apparently beginning with a "5" (although the source for this seems to be a post on eBay - so, take that for what it's worth). As Ansuz82 states, the terms of the warranty allow Apple to replace your unit with a refurbished one, at their discretion, not yours.

    Hope this helps...
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    I don't think this is true, I got a New iPhone in an Apple store that was in a Brown box I asked the Genius if it was a refurb, he checked the serial number and told me No, it was a New one. He told me that the stores get issued with replacements that could be new or refurb, it just depends. Oh mine was a 1st gen iPhone and this was within the last 2 weeks.
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    Actually, no it doesn't, even new ones can start with 5K.

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    Ignore, I was looking at the wrong reply.

    Thanks Nathan.

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