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I just can't connect (wirelessly) my PC (VAIO PCG-GRS175) to the time capsule! (With my iMac it works perfectly, and when I connect my PC to the TC with a cable it works... but of course i want it to be wireless... What can I do!?
(Sony told me my pc does work with 802.11b so... I don't understand why it doesnt work)

Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Hello gabarg. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

    Is your Time Capsule (TC) configured to use its default radio mode: 802.11n (b/g compatible) ... or did you change it to something else? Are you currently running any form of wireless encryption (WEP, WPA, or WPA2) on the TC? If so, which? Which operating system is your PC running. If it's XP, does it have SP1, SP2, or SP3 installed?
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    Hi, thanks for the answer. But in fact, I had to buy an adapter to be able to use the wireless connection... so today I bought a TP-LINK USB adapter and it works!!!
    Now the problem is, I can't access my time capsule ( I mean, I can't put files on my time capsule!!!) When I try to connect the pc to the TC by clicking on the icon and it asks if I want to be connected as a guest or with a password, well, I enter the password and it doesn't work...

    Before, when my internet was connected with a wire I could access my time capsule (the disk I mean) and I was able to store files in it...