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My Macbook Air has been almost impossible to use because of three big problems.

1. As I type, my Air has been shocking my wrist. Sometimes it is just a small tingle, other times it hurts very badly. Either way, it is hard to type normally.

2. My Air is freezing up. When editing a document in Pages, it freezes up. When browsing the web with ONLY two tabs open in Safari, it freezes up. When simply searching for a file, it freezes up. It is simply unusable! I am currently on deadline for multiple websites and more, and I cannot continue to use my computer like this!

3. My computer gets extremely hot. I have multiple burns on my lap from using it. I know that you are supposed to use it only on a desk, but does Apple really expect for people to carry a lap desk around with them everywhere?

I have called Apple twice about the freezing up problem, and both times they have given me "fixes" that don't work at all. I suspect that if I call them again, they will tell me that the MBA is not designed to be an actual laptop, but simply a temporary replacement for your other computers while you go on a trip. By the way, Apple fails to mention that prominently in any advertising. I have the latest software and everything, so updating won't fix anything. I suspect that this is a problem with only the first run of the Air (according to this website: http://www.chipmunk.nl/klantenservice/applemodel.html , mine was made in the first week of January).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Macbook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    "1. As I type, my Air has been shocking my wrist. Sometimes it is just a small tingle, other times it hurts very badly..."

    This occurs only when the power adapter is plugged into an ungrounded AC outlet, and the computer, right? Use the 3-prong grounded AC cord that came with your power adapter, and the problem will be solved.

    The power adapter places one-half of the line voltage onto the computer ground (and, therefore, the metal computer case), at a very low current. It's safe, but disconcerting.
  • Jiang Lei Level 1 Level 1
    I checked the serial number of my Air according the website.
    The information is as below:
    Production year: 2008
    Production week: 08 (February)

    This Air has the same problems as you said. I also feel very sad for it.
    I want to deliver it to Apple, but you know, the repair condition in China is still very poor now, so I will not send it only if it works at the most time.

    My Air sometimes freezes when running Apple Hardware Test. What about yours?

    I find that if I do not use the power adapter, it seems the freezing disappears? Is it same for yours?
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    You could very well have an internal electrical problem above the grounding mentioned. I think that you really need to take or send it in for a check. I seriously doubt that anyone would tell you "that it is only intended for trips". I have every laptop in the line and my air is the most reliable and my personal favorite.
  • Jiang Lei Level 1 Level 1
    I took it to the Apple repair agent last week, and today I have received it. The motherboard has been replaced.