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My Toyota prius accepts phone book info from cell phones but I can't find how to tell the iphone to transfer data. The prius gets ready and says "tell phone to start transfer" and I can't find any reference in documentation to this sort of transfer. Anyone done this or have any ideas?

IMAC, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    iPhone's bluetooth interface is for connecting hardware like headsets only. You can not transfer data to and from the iPhone using bluetooth.
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    You can't do it. iPhone doesn't the type of file-pushing bluetooth. I've tried with both the 3G and EDGE iPhones I have.

    But what I did do is sync all my addresses to a Sony mobile and uploaded them that way. The Prius only has 1000 numbers in it and if you've got a lot of Contacts with multiple phone numbers you may have to put them into a smaller Group before sending to the Prius.

    Mine works fine now and I can select between the two iPhones. I don't know if Apple will ever put that push bluetooth technology on the iPhone. It uses lots of power and lots of people have difficulty with looking after their battery life.
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    You might want to try sending them directly from your mac - if you have one. Check out: http://mac.softpedia.com/get/Utilities/Prius-Phonebook.shtml
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    Wow, great app and thanks for the link. I'll be giving this a shot later this afternoon; hope it works. It'll be nice to have all my contacts loaded into my car and I was never going to type them all in one by one.
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    Well I tried it. Didn't work .. The program is a black box in that there is no way to trouble shoot it or reference errors. It just says there was an error connecting to the device (Prius).
    For reference, I was using the latest MacBook Pro, an iPhone 3g and a 2007 Prius.
    If it worked it'd be a great program since it's simple to use. Since it doesn't it's just a waste of disk space.