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I'm not usually fussy about these things, but too often I've found my boy (14 yrs) sleeping with his iPod Touch dialed into a toe-curling, hair-raising **** site. I'd like to say he's adept at covering his tracks, but I must say that Safari on the Touch makes it downright easy: I can't check his browsing history, I can't view his cookies, and I certainly can't set controls to keep him away from explicit sites (my last resort, mind you). So: two questions. First, previous threads on this topic have promised parental controls in 2.0 updates. Are they available? Are there any apps in the store (I checked and found nothing) that might help? Second, can cookies be viewed on Safari on the Touch?

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    Parental controls are available in 2.0.

    I don't know of any Apps that will help but you would require 2.0 also.

    As far as I can see, you can not see the cookies in Safari on the Touch.


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    as above 2. does offer it albeit pretty much a "blanket" restriction. Instructions below.

    Set restrictions:
    1 Choose General > Restrictions, then tap Enable Restrictions.
    2 Enter a four-digit passcode.
    3 Reenter the passcode.
    4 Set the restrictions you want by tapping individual controls on or off. By default, all
    controls are on (not restricted). Tap an item to turn it off and restrict its use.
    Turn off all restrictions: Choose General > Restrictions, then enter the passcode. Tap
    Disable Restrictions, then reenter the passcode.
    NOTE:If you forget your passcode, you must restore your iPod touch software from iTunes.
    See “Updating and Restoring iPod touch Software” on page 110.
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    The only thing I see for parental control is under settings on the ipod touch itself. Go to setting > choose General > Restrictions, then tap Enable restrictions. This will shut safari off and what ever else you want. The only restrictions you can do is shut the apps off completely. I have not found a App in the app store or on ipod to control certain sites on the web. its all or nothing. I hope this helps.
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    Thanks everyone. "Blanket" controls are better than nothing right now. Of course, nothing beats a good old conversation about the dangers of you-know-what on the internet, since the more "blanket" a control is, the bigger the desire to get around it. But it will do for the time being.
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    Just curiosity, were you able to block the website feature, putting the blanket over the entire website, or was it limited to setting for certain websites (which means you have to manually type the websites that you want to block)?

    I'm about the buy a ipod touch to my 15 yr son and have a same concern about the websites. I hope that there's a setting that once you set, then you cannot even get connected to any websites (by setting the pass code).

    Any info will be appreicaited (from anyone).

    Concerned parent.
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    Sorry - I noticed that this was answered above and the case was closed.

    Thanks, JJP
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    I just spoke with Apple today and THERE ARE NO parental controls at this time, STILL. You'd think a big company like this would have thought ahead a little bit!!!!!!!!!!
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    The only thing this keeps the kids from is downloading explicit "music", it DOES NOT hinder them from seeing anything and everything on the Internet. The only way to keep them from that at this time, per Apple, is disabling Safari. Rediculous.
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    We have developed a new content filtering solution for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It is currently in private beta, so it is not yet available on the AppStore. If you would like to participate in this beta program, I would be happy to help get your child's device set up. You can learn more about us at www.mobicip.com. Feel free to contact me via email on my profile page if you'd like more information.