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Safari (both Windows and Mac versions) is only browser that "forget" http-authentication's logon-information, if page don't send header every time it loads.
Needed header is for example: 'WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Content only for registered ppl"'

Without that browser will forget logon-information and shows content for unregistered users. When header is back there it will show correct content for registered users (without asking username and password again).

Other browsers will always show content for registered users when logon information submitted once, even without that header.

Problem occurs when you have content for unregistered users at same page where's also content for registered users.

If you know how to fix this (some other solution than separate registered and unregistered content to two different pages), please send solution!

For development team: Best solution would be that Safari browser behave same way that other browsers do.

Nokia Communicator phone's Safari works like it should.

Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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HTTPAuth wrote:
Is this correct place to report these things???

Not really, no. You can report Safari bugs in a few ways:

Via the Safari menu in the Mac version: Safari > *Report Bugs to Apple*

Joining the Apple Developer Connection and reporting your findings on that web site

Submitting the Mac OS X feedback form

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