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Ben Furuta Level 4 Level 4
A curious happening: I upgraded to 2.02 and noticed soon after a situation with my iTouch getting warm and discharging more rapidly than prior to the upgrade. The details:

When playing a card game app (a solitaire game), my iTouch noticeably gets warm (not hot). Then going onto standby directly from playing the game, my iTouch discharged faster than before. Specifically, it came down to less than 20% after about 3 hours while on standby.

When I actually shut my iTouch off by holding the power button down for a few seconds, no rapid discharge. I am going to check on the discharge rate by going to standby directly from the home page.

Anyone else experience something like this? It appears that somehow the game app affects the discharge rate when on standby.

G5 1.8 GHz DP, Mac OS X (10.5.4), OSX 10.5.4 on one internal, 10.4.11 on the other, 3 GB RAM, iTouch w/s.0
  • azmolik Level 1 Level 1
    I wonder if it is not the software upgrade to 2.0.2. Before my son's iTouch became completely disabled (I think because of 2.0.2) he commented that it was getting hot when he used it. He also thought it was losing power quicker. I mentioned this to Apple support when I called but they seemed to have dismissed it.
  • Ben Furuta Level 4 Level 4
    After more exploring and discussion, I have found a possible explanation: With the upgrade and the different apps now available, it may well be that a particular app does NOT actually stop when you go to the Home page or standby status. With the app still running in the background, the iTouch will heat up and also discharge the battery. Not sure if this is the actual explanation, but since I started to actually shut down my iTouch by holding the power button down for a few seconds, I have avoided this problem. I think also that if you are using only the Apple apps such as Mail, iCal and Contacts this is not a problem. But I am not sure.