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I have had 'issues' with my display on my MBP 2.4 since Jan. '08. I've documented this w/ Applecare (so there is a list of reported issues so they can see there's a problem as it's not something I can replicate at the Genius bar). It's still under warranty, but my concern, and question is this...

I'd like it fixed. But, If I bring in my MBP (again) to Apple and let's say they say it is the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT that's faulty, WHAT WILL THEY REPLACE IT WITH? Another 'faulty' chip? [I realize the whole board has to be replaced]

Is there a definitive answer to what NVIDIA chip Apple would use? I've read that they are using the SAME likely-faulty product. That is not good news. And if NVIDIA has acknowledged the problem, do they have a FIXED Chipset for this model?

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