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Bonjour for Windows was working fine until SP3 came out. Now I can see the printer and Bonjour goes through the motions to set it up, but I can't print to the printer.

The whole construct of "Printer.local" or "AirPortExpress.local" doesn't seem to work in a printer Port configuration any more.

I can ping the Printer.local or AirPortExpress.local in a command window, but the print spooler can't seem to send anything to the printer if the name.local construct is used in the port configuration.

If I replace the printer.local name in the port configuration with the IP address instead of the printer.local name, I can print fine. The only exception to this is printers hanging off of an AirPortExpress. I can't print to any printer that is attached to an Airport Express. Even if I setup a port to the IP address, I can't print to that printer.

Another user that had this problem uninstalled SP3, I'm contemplating that now.

Mac OS X (10.4.11)