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I just bought a new Ipod a month ago, and the Itunes program prompted me to update to a newer version (since the older version doesn't work with the newer ipods.) However, everytime I update to the newest version of Itunes, the program won't open, even though it's showing in the Task Manager. I had to downgrade to an earlier version to play my music files, and I still haven't been able to use my Ipod (it's just been sitting, collecting dust.) I've tried everything - uninstalling and reinstalling Itunes, uninstalling and reinstalling Quicktime, disabling my firewall...nothing works. Help!

Sony, Windows XP
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    I too am having the same problem. iTunes appears as a process in Task Manager but after about 3 seconds ... nothing. It does not appear in the Applications tab. It just looks like it is waiting for something.

    This occured after I installed the latest version of iTunes.

    I have:
    deinstalled iTunes and quicktime
    re-installed old versions
    removed every reference to iTunes in regEdit
    used unlocker to ensure no files locked (other than system files)
    renamed mymusic/itunes directory
    removed my virus checker
    rebooted 1256 time! at least
    scanned google endlessly looking for ideas - I have tried a few without success
    (eg removing C:\Program Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\SC Info.sidb file)
    pulled out most of my remaing hair
    ... and none of this changes anything!

    The only thing left I can thing of doing is reinstalling XP - but this is pretty drastic with no garantee of working.

    Can anyone help us both?
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    I haven't figure out all of the issues, BUT I deleted 'Bonjour' thru the 'add/remove' programs in control panel.

    And now at least iTunes 7.7.1 OPENS and I can play music.

    I'll update more in my other post. Good luck.
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    I have a Dell with Windows Vista and am using iTunes, the newest version from Apple. I have had ALL kinds of problems getting itunes which used to work just fine but now is awful. I also have Macs and notice that they didnt have any problems. The problem is Bonjour for Windows. I used to have to play Cat and Mouse games to get my itunes to open. I deleted Bonjour and now my itunes is ok except for a error message, letting me know I deleted Bonjour.

    *so, to make a long story short, delete Bonjour for Windows until Apple can fix the problem in a new software release.*
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    That did not help when I tried it. My iTunes still will not come up.
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    I am sorry to hear that didnt work for you. It works fine for me and I only got 1 error message, letting me know I deleted Bonjour, and that was it. Now my itunes works like it should.... You might try going into your Windows Explorer/program data/apple computer/ SC info and delete the sibb and sidd files and reboot. If it comes back on, you will have to re-enter your istore info if you have any purchased songs in your library This is a pain but until I deleted Bonjour, this worked. Apple needs to fix this mess in their newest software release of itunes.

    I have Windows Vista so it might be different ?? good luck
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    I am having a similar problem. i have a 32 bit system with sp1. every time i try to use iTunes Vista gives me a message that iTunes has stopped working. then it blames the crash on my needing an update from Apple for the problem and refers me to Apple inc.

    when i click on the website it suggests it says that internet explorer has stpped working.

    if i try to go to apple.com/downloads or to itunes.com, internet explorer closes.

    i have installed iTunes any suggestions?
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    I am having the same issue, but uninstalling Bonjour doesnt work. Basically, iTunes/Quicktime crashes whenever I try to launch it; repairing/reinstalling/reinstalling an older version...none of those worked!

    I wouldn't even care anymore and would just switch to another audio player, but I don't want to lose the songs i brought from the iTunes store...

    I am using XP SP3, but the same issue was happening on SP2 as well...