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I updated to 2.0.2 as soon as it came out and I've experienced some new problems and my old problems are still here.

The new problem I've had has been camera issues, including:

1) One time while using the camera, the screen split into two parts, I could see the image on both sides with a line down the middle. I wish I had gotten a screen shot before I closed the app.

2) The same day after the split screen happened, my wife was taking some photos of our trip and the color in two of the pictures was insane. One went entirely blue and the other yellow.

3) The camera has crashed on me a couple of times.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Old problems are the same ones everyone else is having. The biggest ones for me are:

1) The lag in SMS and email is still there - and is REALLY annoying.
2) 3G coverage seems like it should be better. I've had 3G coverage completely drop out on me in the middle of Tokyo, where I am certain 3G coverage should be available. In fact, I found that when I shut the phone down and rebooted it, 3G coverage became available. I've also had calls cut out for the first time since I bought the phone.
3) Crashes seem to have improved, but I'm still getting them.

I love my iPhone, but this is getting really annoying.