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    I get what you are saying, that it is not fair to make a blanket statement " if you value your eyes ....". But you have to understand that 99% of the people who come to this forum are not coming here looking for basic advice on which computer to buy. We came to this forum because we had issues with our eyes due to computer monitor or mobile device and it has affected our health and our lives (and I can tell you the special glasses don't do squat for most of us). We come here seeking advice on what works for people and what doesn't work. The people on this forum have a wide range of issues, so what works for one person might not work for others.


    As you can see, there are 90 pages of discussion on this issue. If you read through all of them, you might start suffering from eye strain as well, but I can tell you that there are a number of people on the forum who have done scientific testing with flicker rate and other issues. Count yourself as blessed to not have any of the issues of the people on this forum. And maybe only a small percentage of the population who has these types of issues, but that doesn't mean that the issue should be ignored.

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    Bravo..well said!

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    Jessiah1 wrote:


    It truly amazes me Apple has not become involved in this post or acknowledged the issue more publicly while working with people like ourselves to remedy it. I cannot count how many people like yourself have stated they are returning brand new computers because they cannot tolerate them, the cost must be adding up exponentially by now. I can only speculate Apple has become so big they are not aware of why so many may be returning their computers, Apple simply continues making higher and higher blue spectrum displays which are obviously an issue.

    Apple never respondes to these issues -- it's just not their style. I don't think we should take it personally.


    Look at "antennagate", for example. They never acknowledged or commented on the issue until they fixed it. Plus, this issue isn't limited to Apple. It's tech industry-wide.


    I think less energy should be devoted to trying to get Apple to see that there is an issue, and instead spend it with companies that are openly acknowledging thse issue and are trying to fix it.

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    I am unable to find that generic email address you mentioned Kvoth posted. Did someone at Apple delete it or what?

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    Probably, just search light sickness and contact me there. I have found all the info you posted very useful in explaining the technical issues to others and how they could be related to my health issue.

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    Are you subscribed to this thread Artechokiq? You will have emails of even deleted posts if you are, could be useful

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    Whenever I am trying to search sth in the threads it gives me an Unauthorized

    message. I have a feeling someone is messing with me. I cant see any emails.

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    Or maybe its just me.

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    Whilst I have not read all the pages in this post I can sympathize.


    On a related matter tho, I thoroughly recommend a truly amazing little program called F.lux to dim and reduce blue light from modern computer screens.

    It can be completely automated and I believe should be a standard program on all modern devices to help with users eye strain and sleeping patterns.


    A great review with links came be had here:


    Best piece of free software I have ever downloaded period!!!



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    Appreciate your positive suggestions, you would have seen this mentioned many times had you read back even 5-10 pages Unfortunatly it does not fix most peoples issue here, it could be because of the subliminal flicker and extreme modulation of LED back lighting.


    Another theory could be that since the LED light itself is blue spectrum only; you are technically not filtering out the light but changing the screen to appear filtered which means the harmful spectrum of blue light is still there.

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    f.lux doesn't do much for me.


    So far the only thing that has helped me is:

    - the Blue light filtering lenses Jessiah suggested

    - prism (in only the eye I need it)

    - a Dell U2410 CCFL backlit monitor

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    How are the anti-glare lens working for you Kvoth? Make a substantial difference, at least under fluorescent lighting?

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    ArtechokiQ, just google light sickness and you will find me

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    In search at eye friendly technology I am now testing the rather old MP512 BenQ DLP projector.


    Impressions are not good. Visible rainbow effect makes that projector unusable for me. Additionaly

    I am dizzy, bemused and soon tired becouse spinning color wheel, which that technology is using. However I can see it's better for my eyes then 3 different LCD monitors. No eye pain. So I will look at LCD projectors now.


    Just added your site Jessiah1 to Favorites.

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    Cool, I would share that I seem to be able to tolerate movie theater DLP technology with no issues, I would bet there are DLP projectors we might find very good for our eyes. I think it would depend on what the source light is for the device and I have no knowledge of how they work....

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