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    I can give you the names offline if you like. I can tell you that the one used Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the other Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

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    Thanks the versions are enough. 2.3 it's long time ago. Maybe it has to do with GPU and drivers...

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    Today I can report that my headache and eye strain is gone with the retina MBP after 7 days of usage. The effect from staring at the sun is not gone. Specified: When I look at the machine, I experience the same visual effect I get when I lay in the sun with closed eyes and return into the darker house and open them up. 


    But when I close the macbook the effect won't go away. Even though my eyes are not hurting anymore this is a bit of a strange vision and I'm not sure whether it is healthy.

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    i was thinking in different OS's...


    Might the problem not be related with dithering itself, but how each OS handles color profiles? To me Linux distros always seems more washed out then Windows.In Windows colors are more vivid. Maybe they handle color profiles in a different way.

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    Did anyone try those SleepShield blue light filter screens? They may not help if your eye strain is caused by flicker, that's for sure. Maybe they are worth a try. But I'm not sure how efficiently their filters block or if they work at all.

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    I experience the same irrition and burning eyes on 90% of the tft lcd led screens. i must admit that the sony vaio pro 13 seems an exception. i will go and try a multi flip 15a with same triluminos sony screen and intel 4400 graphical card. as formerly stated here,  on batteries it has nearly zero irritation. so it seams driver or videocard related although i have it also on some smartphones and even tvs....


    sleepshield and other filters do NOT help. i even have glasses yith uv and blue light blocking glasses but it is not the solution.

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    Do you have smartphones that dont cause eye sore? If so which? I am looking for it.



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    i have an htc one X smarthphone with no eye issues. it is damm difficult nowadays to buy any gadget with a screen on... 9 out of 10 flat screens give me sore eyes and up untill now not one tablet that is ok for me. this sony vaio pro 13 gives me hope.... but i want to try the vaio multi flip now, so that i can use the laptop as a tablet. i get more and more convinced that it has something to do with video card-driver... no solution is found yet on the entire internet....

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    Anyone know if this display on my Macbook Pro 15 inch Late 2011 with HD (non glass) display is LED backlit or the older type?



    15-inch (1680 x 1050)

    Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB graphics


    System Report...


    Color LCD:

      Display Type:          LCD

      Resolution:          1680 x 1050

      Pixel Depth:          32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

      Main Display:          Yes

      Mirror:          Off

      Online:          Yes

      Built-In:          Yes

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    In a nutshell, yes


    Also, take a look at Gunnar computer glasses, their eyestrain relief glasses are quite good!

  • peter_watt Level 3 (910 points)

    Yes LED or yes older type?

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    One piece of advise. Do not upgrade to HTC One. While it's a great phone, i find the phone unusable.


    I bought almost a year now. On first 6 months was fine, then it had a problem. The phone didn't charge. Send it to warranty, for some reason they change the display. The most painfull thing to look at. Within seconds acute pain. i noticed that the gps was not good. When they repaired the phone they broke gps. I sent it back again, ask if possible to put the old display. They put a new one. Now it came again. It's a different screen. Now i tend not to look much to it, only when really necessary.


    This screen is leding me to a conclusion that part of this, in my case, is of neurological cases. When i look to phone i get cramps in legs, twitching. Or maybe it's hars on eyes, make them really fatigue and have an impact on brain.


    I have a thing called BFS (benign fasciculation syndrome). It's totally bening. You might check on wikipedia. Basically it's a benign condition, really unkown on the causes and doctors dont worry or study much. In my case it rarely manifests. It manifest when i am tired. Long periods of short sleep, or intense physical training. I get twicthing on my muscles and cramps on legs. I have been lack sleeping for a while. When i watch to my phone now or a new led display i could in seconds feel my legs cramping and twicthing... Really i'll have big cramps on my legs just for looking at the phone


    It's really a riddle, what this screens have. I will try to sleep more and see if this effects disappear/minimize.


    I am thinking in selling this phone and getting a new 'old' phone.


    My toughts are:


    Drivers are not the only cause. LED light has a major role here. I think even if graphical drivers/tithering whatever is a cause, this cause is more acute on led displays, maybe because they are brighter or different spectrum of light.


    There are people here who say that just the kindle led backlight gives them eye sore. I dont thing there is any dithering in that case. Maybe PWM?

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    Can you be sure they haven't upgraded the firmware while doing repairs? And it might be that you misunderstood about the kindle. Wasn't it used without backlight when it caused problems? Could you quote the post you are referring to for clarification?

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    I upgraded a few days later not them...


    I noticed that screens were different. They were made by different manufacters. The new ones are more brighter, bigger contrast and color saturation...

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    Did you start experiencing problems right after the phone came from the repair with the new screen or is it possible that it was after the upgrade that you started having problems with it?