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    "Rumored"?  Look at the date of articles you want to cite.


    Is this pitiful thread ever going to

    1. End

    2. Be relevant to the topic?

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    Sorry about the posting date. But if you would like the thread to end, why dont you just stop following it.

  • peter_watt Level 3 Level 3 (905 points)

    I cant, it's following me since I posted about 120 pages ago. It keeps surfacing to the top of my "Your Stuff" every time someone buys some non-Apple product and says this helps or does not help.

    This is not a chat room for people with eye problems, serious though they may be. It is a forum to help people with a technical issue that can be solved with an aswer. One person, one problem, one thread.  I have asked for the thread to be locked three times but the Hosts are more tolerant than I.

    Please feel free to report this post (if anyone is on level 2 or above, ah no, that needs people who have helped others with problems and I don't see many posting here)

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    I feel your pain Peter, it must be really hard for you having something appear in 'your stuff'.


    I think I speak for most when I say that we find the broader discussion very helpful and it is difficult to move the conversation elsewhere when it has such traction here. Sorry that you don't wnt it to be this way but you are in the minority. There's certainly no need to be rude.

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    Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I bought Sony xperia Z2, because I tested it with a Dslr in the shop, to be completely flicker free. Also, my wife's Z1 does not irritate my eyes. Now after usin the phone for 3 hours, my eyes are bloodshot and feel like sandpapered.


    Back to gs2 that does not irritate at all.


    Would there be any way in this modern world to investigate the difference between gs2 screen and Z2 screen, that what is causing the severe eyestrain in the Z2, when sg2s is problem free??

  • clintonfrombirmingham Level 7 Level 7 (29,995 points)



    You can unsubscribe to any thread by clicking on the:



    Actions>"Stop email notifications" -> is that what you wish to do?


    I don't have any problems with eye irration, headaches, etc., but I do monitor this discussion from time to time for my friends who have problems with LCD screens.



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    I feel the same way about the Ipad 3 or 4 vs. Ipad Air. I can read the Ipad 3 all day, but the air causes lasting eye pain to my eyes that persists for up to two days. I have the same problem with my macbook pro retina, which I'm having to use with an external CCFL. I am hopeful that there is some underlying solution, given that not all LED screens seem to be problematic. I just wish it were possible to determine what the mechanism of eye strain is and isolate it.

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    I still assume it is the flicker, but with z2 the frequency might be so high, that even 4000 shutterspeed video cannot display it, but the optic nerve still reacts to it. Be the flicker from backlight or dithering.

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    I also think it's flicker, but it's difficult to prove it.


    My theory is that most "modern" panels use FRC (dithering) to reach a high color depth because it's cheaper to produce them when they only have 6-bit. There was a time when most if not all IPS panels had 8-bit without FRC. In late 2011, cheap smartphones from chinese companies were introduced that had IPS panels. I remember reviewers wondering why such cheap phones had "expensive" IPS panels. They probably didn't. It was most probably the time when IPS got reduced to 6-bit + FRC, according to some link that was posted here a while ago (TFTcentral?).


    Well, is it a coincidence that iPhones (4) from 2010, or as some say early iPhones 4s from late 2011 have one of the eye-friendliest screens? Probably because they still use those old true 8-bit panels without any dithering, probably plus a flicker free backlight.


    I'm still waiting for a monitor that officially uses a true 8-bit panel without any kinds of dithering + true flicker free backlight. It may be the only way to get some proof.

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    I dont use email subscriptions, I use Your Stuff/Discussions. There is no way to unsubscribe a thread from that subsystem that I know of. This thread just rises to the top every time someone disproves someone else's theory.

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    Ah... no, I know of no way to change the "Your Stuff" rankings. I don't use it myself.





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    Have any of you seen this video:


  • CT Level 6 Level 6 (17,440 points)

    I have not seen it.  Thanks, TroubleDick!

  • peter_watt Level 3 Level 3 (905 points)

    Do they have one of paint drying?

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    I think I may have narrowed something down. Not sure. When I use the macbook pro on an external CCFL monitor with PWM (Dell S2409W) with HDMI -> DVI, I have no eye strain. I have two of these old monitors and have no problem with them on my windows machine (win7 or 8) or my mac (running mavericks). I can confirm that this monitor has a visible PWM frequency if filming the screen with an iPhone camera. It's not visible as a flicker with the naked eye. I can tolerate this PWM and many other CCFLs with flicker without apparent problems. Here's the interesting part. If I connect the monitor HDMI -> HDMI from mac to the monitor, I get the problematic symptoms that I have when using the macbook pro retina's screen: nausea, eye strain, headache, etc. Does anyone know what could be happening here with HDMI vs. DVI cables? This sounds crazy, I know, but I can reproduce it multiple times with the same effect. I think someone made a similar comment earlier in the thread. This suggests that a sofware fix could be sufficient to make the MBPr screen work for me if I can figure out what is happening between the HDMI and DVI connector. Again I have no EE background, so I'm hoping someone here knows more about this.