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    There are two types of HDMI->DVI adapters: passive and active. An active adapter converts signal, the passive is not. So probably you have an active adapter which is converting the signal (by built in processor) in a way which make it easier to your eyes ....


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    - I can use again my iPhone 4 if I hold it farther away from my eyes (it could be something was improved as well in iOS 7.1.1)

    - I couldn't use anymore the Vaio Pro 13 under Win8.1. I have downgraded to Win7 and changed to 16bit colour depth (same as on my work computer). By this I can use the Vaio but it is not so comfortable anymore as when I bought it and again if I push it farther away from my eyes, I can use it for some hours

    - Unrelated to computer use, I have discovered that beeing in a relatevely dark room with a bright window in my field of vision gives me eye strain after some hours in the respective room. No problem if the window is behind me. No problem with beeing outside in a sunny day even without shades

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    Well, it was worth a try. So I upgraded a "good display" iPhone 4 to iOS 7.1.1 to see if they fixed the screen. Well, they did not. Burning eyes within seconds. The only fix is iOS 6, which is a complete fix. It's still like night and day. Dear Mr. Cook, you claim to care for minorities. Please have experts look at this issue, let them compare what has been changed in the video modes between iOS 6 and iOS 7. We don't have proper equipment and knowledge to do this on our own, but I'm sure anyone who suffers from this problem will gladly provide any information that could help.

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    Forgive me if this has been asked already, but it's a large thread . I have a vestibular disorder and cannot tolerate LED backlighting (PWM technology) for very long. I'm aware of flicker-free external monitors, but does anyone know of any laptops that are flicker-free? Thanks in advance!

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    Been here for a while hoping for a answer to this LED fiasco. Tried many electronic devices with very little luck. Eyes pull and hurt faster than before. Within a second or two.  


    What brings me here today, is, we recently purchased a new car. We didn't take one certain package because it had a 4.5" LED display (Reverse Camera and Stereo/CD player features) and I did not want to risk messing with my eyestrain. Especially when driving! Because I looked over the car in the day prior to purchasing, I did not notice that the dashboard lighting was LED backlit.


    This is absolutely horrible and frightening as I cannot drive the car at night. Well, not without driving with a headache/eye migrane. Websites mention, "how to install LED lights on your existing dash lighting". What I want, is the reverse. I want the backlight to be anything but LED.



    What would you do?

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      I would definitely do some online research to find more support communities.  I'm in a great one that has helped with a similar issue!!


    Google light sickness. Talk soon!

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    D-Mac23, I am not aware of any laptops as of yet that are flicker free and a quick Google search turns nothing up either. It does however turn up some uneducated opinion piece about how flicker free is useless....


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    EyePain20_20, any chance that was a Honda Accord? I had a hard time finding a car when my wife and I went shopping almost a year ago and that was one of the worst. Also, Cadillac has nothing but bright LED lighting in the interior, Toyota going this direction as well! My wife and I actually picked one of the worst exterior lighted vehicles because the interior is extremely pleasant for some reason, an Audi Q5, more expensive than we wanted to go but it fit our needs best. I almost never drive at night but if I do I can tolerate the interior of this vehicle, as for the head lights they are very bright white but the fog lights are still halogen so with these on they wash out much of the headlight issue. Of course I cannot look at the brake lights on any Audi while behind them or stare at the "Eyebrow" accent lights as they drive by me. I think car companies are using very cheap LED technology with bad flicker rates.


    There certainly is no cheap way to change the back lighting in your current car, silly question, have you tried to lower the brightness of it as low as possible?


    On another note since it doesn't appear this situation is getting much better the Audi is my wife's vehicle and I currently drive a lifted 2004 Jeep Wrangler. All the lighting in my jeep is that old school green style and I love it dearly! Also, I find being higher up takes me out of the direct line of sight of all the other vehicle lighting, this helps big time.


    One day coming soon we who are sensitive to LED automotive lights will be completely in trouble, the LED headlights are coming. There are "Upgrade" replacements on the market which are expensive right now but very soon they will be standard equipment and driving at all is going to be near impossible.....Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but better to be prepared than surprised, right?


    Hope this information is helpful!



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    Thanks for looking, Jessiah. I found that article in my search as well - don't you love opinion pieces that fail to present any kind of fact-based argument?


    I'm starting to think I'll never be comfortable in front of a screen

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    Best news and lighting find yet! Here is something EVERYONE here should start following, it could change the lighting industry in a better direction than LED and Fluorescent lighting. I predict this company can and will make pleasant backlighting for our computing devices in the future, it may be awhile however there is hope!





    Cross your fingers this takes the industry in another direction!



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    Interesting article here: ng-with-induction-replacement-lamp.html


    The real question is will it flicker or not? Any thoughts from anyone on this?



  • Jessiah1 Level 1 Level 1

    AND another interesting find when I tried to research if the Finally light bulb would be flicker free:




    There is some hope in our future, hopefully?



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    Didn't read all answers, so maybe it was already discussed. But did anyone tried so called "flicker free" monitors from this list


    P.S. I personally tried all LED monitors available in our office, but unfortunately none of them were good enough. So ended up using old Samsung 2243BW which is good for my eyes but not big enough.

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    An article typical of this genre. scientists develop new light bulb, and they have one ten years old still working?? And a gain of 75% power per lumen over incandescents will not do much for battery life in a macbook pro, which lest anyone forget is supposed to be the topic.  Face it LEDs are here for the long run.  Automobile headlights, rear lights, dashboards, street lights, household bulbs, all led by 2020 latest.

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    From that list, I tried the BenQ EW2440L. I got terrible eye strain and pain, and headaches. I also saw some visible flicker without attached devices. I don't know what exactly is supposed to be "flicker-free" in this monitor, but it didn't help me.