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    Is this a joke?

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    Well I take it back, these kind of specifics are useful. It is understood Apple does not hand craft their panels out in the garage, the engineering as you call it is achieved by courting one of just a few companies capable of manufacturing today's panels. Graphics drivers have little to no bearing on the problems described in this topic. I do know the new retina display has been broken in teardowns, and cannot be considered servicable (except by Apple) due to the fine work it takes fitting all that in such a sleek form, but I wonder how iStrain is IDing these other screens

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    I have always used the antiglare models (Early 2008, and the Early 2011 MacBook Pros) and they have been great on my eyes.  Maybe it is just the glossy screen that causes the eye strain

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    This thread has been going on for almost 4 years and over 120000 views, the issue does exists. However, not every one has this issue. I believe you're one of them.


    For the rest of us who have problems these latest LED screens, while we haven't yet been able to isolate the root cause for the eye strain, I'm very sure that it's not a problem with the glossy screen and a antiglare version won't solve the problem.

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    I've never really failed to be amazed by the "it doesn't happen to me so it's not real" mentality.

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    YAWN...  did I say it was not an important issue or suggest that this is not real, no I did not.  Don't put words in my mouth.  I haven't had the issue with the macs I have, but I am sure that the issue does exist, which honestly isn't a problem of Apple, since you have LCD dimmer buttons (F1 & F2).  This helps me sometimes, but maybe you have not figured that out yet. 

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    Back on p. 8 of this thread is Terminal command to reveal the specific screen hardware:

    ioreg -lw0 | grep IODisplayEDID | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    A blurb on it can be found here: nd-make-it-look-better/

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    Just a general plea: can those considering commenting on this thread in future please take the time to read earlier posts. That would prevent going over old ground again and again with very basic suggestions that have long ago been discounted in the context of this specific problem. EG glossy vs matte, adjusting the brightness etc etc.



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    Thanks iStrain and MauiTechnoGeek2 for such helpful posts.


    I guess, in the first instance, it would be useful for those who’ve experienced the symptoms described in this thread to share the information about their displays. It's simple to access, so it would help if those users could please do so.


    The display I get severe eye-strain from is a non-glossy Macbook Pro (late 2009) one. The display is LTN154BT08, which an internet search suggests is a Samsung build. I don’t have any other Apple products I can try, though as noted previously I had exactly the same problems when I used the 2008 Macbook, iPads 2 and 3, and iphone 3g and 4s (all now got rid of).


    What’s really interesting about iStrain’s experience is that he reports that he has had problems with displays manufactured for Apple by both Samsung and LG (eg the two Macbook Air, 13 inch, Mid 2011 models). Alongside his later experience with the Macbook Pro 15 inch of Early 2011, this would suggest that it isn’t accurate to think that all displays made by one manufacturer might potentially be ‘usable’ for the sufferers of this partcular eyestrain, but that some Samsung displays on some Apple hardware might be.


    Obviously, on the basis of one sufferer’s experience of only one ‘recent’ machine being ok, we have to be careful, but clearly this is potentially a new lead that merits further investigation.


    It’d be interesting to know which companies build the current gen Apple hardware displays – eg new MBPs (retina displays), iPad 3s etc. Is it possible that those of us who experience these symptoms could somehow identify and buy specific builds that might not cause us problems? Here's hoping...

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    Sorry, I meant in the above post, that "some LG displays on some Apple hardware might be ok", and not some Samsung displays (this on the basis of iStrain's experience, and the fact that the LP154WP4-TLA1 display seems to be an LG).

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    as strange as this might be, my current experience is in line with yours iStrain...


    I have just bought mid 2012 MBP having LTN154BT08 panel and although it DOES cause me motion sickness it does NOT give me any headaches as November 2010 17'' Macbook Pro was giving me instantly (I returned it).


    As I do need a new laptop I decided to go with Ivy bridge MBP and I expected to have issues - my intention is to use it occasionally and mainly with external display.


    What a surprise that it does not give me instant headache, but I am sure it might develop as part of ongoing motion sickness feeling and feeling that I've got difficulty to focus on the screen - if I continue to use it too often.

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    Does anyone with original eye strain problems have anything new to report about the retina display macbook pro? I want to get one, but my MBP 13" (2011) has been giving me eye strain and I don't want to land a bunch of money on a new one until I know that people have been reporting something positive...thanks.

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    Coufu: Bear in mind that you have 14 days after purchase to return a Mac, no questions asked. That should make it easy for you to test your purchase under the conditions where you'll actually be using it, rather than take anyone else's word for what you're likely to feel when using it, or try to figure out in the Apple Store what effect the machine is likely to have on you at home or at work.

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    Which isn't to say that we don't want to hear about user experiences with the retina display. Just that you needn't worry about return ability.

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