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    Another one bites the dust....


    Just got a superb TV set LG 55LM660s and got the same issue as it is widely described here and we suffer from. That makes my flat screen number 12 failure. I was curious about the Hz refresh rate (400 in this case). Would that do better?  not really. One thing I can tell is that something is a bit different this time. It is not headaches this time, just eyes burning (and hurting). Something has probably changed with the refreshment rate increase, although still not good to keep the unit.



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    The Dell U2413 goes also back, now I'm really not sure at all that dithering is the issue, since this one was an 8 bit per color panel and also no PWM over 20% brightness...

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    I've had similar issues with LED screens - first with a Macbook Pro, then with Sony and HP laptops. I'm going to buy an external CCFL screen, and am contemplating buying a Mac Mini to use with it. However, some earlier comments on this thread suggest that Mac Minis can make even CCFL screens problematic to look at. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences to share on the Mac Mini/CCFL combination? With thanks in advance!

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    Hi Cadette,


    I've been exactly in your situation and thought that a Mac Mini will be the solution. It is seating next to me now switched off for months...  My LCD monitor since 2005 (LG L1750s) is really confortable to the eyes until you connect the mac mini. I have to say that it is not as bad as the MBP or iMac but to my surprise a screen that worked perfectly well becomes bad for the eyes too    


    Having said that, it definitely doesn't mean that it will happen to you too. Who knows.


    good luck

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    In reply to LovesDogs earlier post, I am also one of the many who is suffering from LED lights and it certainly is frustrating how many people do not take it seriously. It is debilating and I am curently on disability with the very real possibility of losing my career. I am curently building a website called that will be a center for sharing resources and experiences for people like us who are so negativly affected by this new technology, I supsect as LED overhead lighting takes over our world there will be many more of us than there currently are experiencing major issues.

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    I've used LCD/LED with PWM monitor in 5 days and realized that my burning eyes will not stand it. 3 weeks has passed until this short time and I still have some problems looking in my old CRT monitor. Until recently pain was severe and I had blurred vision in my right eye. In the meantime I've done ophthalmologist's tests and all checkups were correct ....


    Now I have 3 monitors.

    Windows 8:

    CRT is painless now (but I see it has some impact when eyes have problems)

    LCD/CCFL with small PWM - unfortunately, my eyes are tired after some time (but not so drastically like LED/PWM monitor)



    Windows XP:

    LCD/CCFL without PWM (100% brightness/dimmed by graphic card) - I don't see any problems

    LCD/LED no PWM EEE PC 901 netbook -  I don't see any problems




    So LED could be very dangerous. Some days ago I was desperate that my right eye is permanently damaged, but is ok now.

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    Stefan, the U2413 is a 10bit panel with dithering, as I've already told you!

  • StefanD13 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, but I thought that since my graphic card is not able to do 10 bit/color, the panel should not do any dithering...

    I tried also the hp zr2740w and although not so bad as the u2413 was still uncomfortable.

    Then spent some 40 minutes in Apple store in front of a Thunderbolt display and was also not good.

    It's a miracle that both at work and home I still have a working combination... for how long now...

    I have no tablet anymore (sad, sad), thinking of buying again an iPad1

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    I would like to share a litte solution that is working for me and might me helpful to some of you.


    I've been monitoring this thread for a long time... since I bought my first Macbook Air and discovered that my migraine headaches with aura started to visit me more often than regular. So I sold the MBA, then a year later I tried Retina 15" and returned this one too. Just got numbness in my head and ended up with headache almost every day.


    But as my 2008 Macbook White was not up to this task on development with 4GB max memory then I was constantly looking for solution to stay on the MacOS, since I like it.



    As a last straw I noticed that Apple is selling refurbished Macbooks from 2012 which have more or less modern hardware and some kind of screen which is still LED backlight, but has kind of special 1680-by-1050 resolution and is antiglare.


    And after few weeks it is probably safe to tell that it is working for me. I've spend 2 long days and nights hackatlon with this screen and been working with this computer for 2 weeks daily bases now and I don't feel that irritating feeling as with Retina or 13" MBA screens.


    I ordered one like this: ore-intel-i7


    This refurbished model is probably sold out, but you can keep monitoring for Refurbished department of online shop:


    Or  you can even order new one with special anti-glare screen. Not sure what producer panel is used there and if it will work for your. My model has following screen panel:



    Color LCD




    I have had few migraine episodes though, but I'm pretty sure that they were caused by Dell LED UltraSharp U2412M high resolution external monitor which didn't feel good for eyes and head.


    I don't know if it will help everybody in this thread, but I hope this info will help at least some of you to keep using Mac laptop with modern configuration.

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    Can you tell whether the nvidia or the intel GPU is used? I don't know how is this handled under macos, if you can control or at least see which one is used. My work computer has also an intel and and a AMD GPU and when I switch to intel I get eye strain.

    Also all macbooks I checked until now were only with intel GPU.

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    Not sure if it depends on graphics card, but to answer you I've just downloaded and this seems to be tool to detect which GFX card is used and even allows to force either  integrated Intel or discrete Nvidia card.


    I will try to use one and then another for a while and will report back the results.

  • scartacus Level 1 (0 points)

    Alarmatwork -- you've prompted me to report in.


    I swopped by MBP 13 for a 15inch MBP with anti-glare.


    I would say the anti-glare screen has got rid of 90% of the eyestrain. After 8 hours screenwork my eyes are tired but it's nothing compared to what I experienced on the glossy MBP and imac type cinema screens. 

    The gotcha is the resolution is higher, the text smaller, but as long as you use the command + on websites and tweak the font settings, anti-glare is a MUCH better option in my experience.

  • alarmatwork Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm not sure that the resolution is the actual reason. Because I've tried Retina display also with the scaled resolution with a quite big font - it still was bad for me. So the irritation for eyes/head comes from something else. Maybe the anti-glare 1680-by-1050 display is build in a different way technically. Or the graphics card is different, the graphics driver etc.

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    Stefan, when you simply take those two extra bits generated by dithering away from a 10bit display, you don't miraculously end with the same sRGB 8bit colorspace found on 8bit monitors. sRGB is actually simulated on those monitors using full 10bit color. Less accurately, in fact, than on a quality 8bit display.

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